What I Wear to Work: The Startup Guy in the Nike Kicks

When your company specializes in social media movements, T-shirts are totally acceptable.

Who: DJ Saul, 26
Vice president of new ventures, iStrategyLabs

What he does: iStrategyLabs is a 17-person creative agency based in Dupont Circle. Internally, I’ve been leading the creation of Grandstand, a Web platform that transforms social media programs into games, rewards, and visualizations. Externally, I mentor several startups and advise organizations that support venture creation and growth. I live in my e-mail, and spend a lot of time at breakfast/lunch/coffee meetings and on the phone.

Describe your work style: Somewhere on the less-lame side of “startup casual” (think T-shirt and sport coat, minus the sport coat), although I do fall back on the dress-shirt-and-scarf combo, especially in the winter. We definitely have a laid-back, or rather, nonexistent “dress code,” but it’s always a judgement call. If I’m rolling to a big pitch, I’ll attempt to class it up a bit.

Outfit One: Internal meeting

I’ll wear this kind of outfit if I have a lot of meetings at the iSL office. This T-shirt features a city map of Amsterdam, one of my favorite places on the planet.

Beats by Dr. Dre headphones.

Outfit Two: Busy Schedule

I’ll wear this kind of outfit if I’m bouncing between getting work done at the office and heading across the street for meetings. The sweatshirt was a gift from a friend who manages a famous rapper, and I picked up these fake Nikes in Beijing.

Crewneck sweatshirt by Society, Levi’s 511 jeans.

Outfit Three: Looking presentable

This is my typical “I’m going to meetings all day, so I should look presentable” option. Every ten pairs of these glasses purchased pays for one cataract surgery in China.

Hugh & Crye shirt, J.Crew scarf, BluBlocker sunglasses.

All photographs by Kate Warren.

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