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Design Scout: Interior-Worthy Outdoor Rugs (Pictures)

Why should your indoor spaces have all the fun? Take that boring patio up a notch with these ten statement-making rugs.

Bring the inside out with these exterior rugs. Photographs courtesy of Dash & Albert and CB2.

If your deck or patio has seen better days, an outdoor rug
can be a quick, low-cost solution to hide the unsightly wear and
tear. Hate the color of your rental’s blah concrete balcony?
Cover it with an outdoor rug you can roll up and take with you
to your next place.

Bringing the comfort of interior decor to the outdoors
has been a strong trend for years, and now with a broader range of
stylish and affordable options for exterior rugs, it’s even
easier to bring this design element to the outdoors. Rugs can
define and unify a space, adding color, texture, and interest
to create a more finished look.

Most outdoor rugs on the market are made of polypropylene and can be rinsed clean with a hose and mild soap. While made for
the outside, they also translate well to heavy-traffic interior areas such as foyers, halls, and playrooms.

When choosing an outdoor rug, don’t go too small. If
you’re using an outdoor rug to define a seating area, choose one large
enough to allow the furniture to be placed directly on it. If
that’s not possible, opt for a smaller rug and arrange furniture
along the periphery with a center table as an anchor. For a
dining arrangement, the table and chairs should all sit on the
area rug.

As with interior rugs, consider your furnishings when
deciding whether you want to go with a solid or a patterned design.
If your outdoor furniture is primarily one color, a patterned
or striped rug may add just the right amount of contrast to
make the space pop. Furniture with patterned cushions or
intricate ironwork might work best with a solid-colored rug. Here
are ten attractive—and affordable—options to get you started.