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Small-Space Dwelling: Vertical Gardens

Maximize your green with a garden that grows up instead of out.

One of our favorite small-space tips is to “go vertical,”
using wall space to add style and dimension to a room. Now that
it’s officially summer, we thought we’d take this idea outside
and freshen up a small balcony or patio with a dose of DIY.
Vertical gardens, which started popping up in the design world a
few years ago, allow you to add some color and natural texture
to your space without sacrificing valuable patio real estate.

Here are three easy, affordable projects that will allow you to create a vertical garden with your own personal design stamp.

DIY Wood Palette Garden

Photograph by Rebecca Orlov.

Pick up a palette at your local home store (tip:
be sure to ask to if it was sprayed with any chemicals, which would be
to avoid). Lay the palette down to get started. Next, attach a
garden liner to the bottom of the palette, then add soil and
small plants. In a few weeks, once the plants have taken root,
you can move your palette garden to a vertical space, like
an exterior wall.

DIY Geometric Hanging Garden

Photograph by Rebecca Orlov.

If you have a free weekend, you can accomplish
this project in a few hours. Pick up a few thin wooden sheets at a
store. Cut four shapes (we like rectangles, but you can use any
shape you’d prefer): three for the bottom basket to hold the
plant and one for the top to hang the planter. Fasten together
all of the pieces using wood glue and nails. Paint your planter
and then line the basket with garden liner. Add your favorite
plants and hang the DIY garden using hooks and wire.

DIY Vertical Herb Garden

Photograph courtesy of Brooklyn Limestone.

We spotted this one on Brooklyn Limestone, a popular design blog. The blog’s author,
Stefanie Schiada, wanted a stylish way to grow
fresh herbs in her small outdoor space. Using wood and terra cotta pots
from a local home store,
she put together this vertical board, which has a cool flower
box, as well. Consider using just the board and pots for an
inside version—perfect for hanging on a wall.