The 15-Minute Workout for Toned Arms

Get Madonna-like arms with these muscle-sculpting moves.

Screenshot courtesy of Pinterest user laurawainman.

So far Pinterest has given us workouts to get bikini-ready abs and killer legs, plus plenty of total-body routines. But this week it’s all about perfecting your guns with the Tank Top Workout.

Doug Murphy of DSM Fitness took the time to educate us on how to properly balance push and pull movements within an arm workout and keep proper form even when fatigue sets in.

How to Perform the Workout
This is a simple, straightforward workout that requires only your bodyweight and a pair of light dumbbells. Read through the workout and find a space with enough room to extend your arms fully back and to the side. You’ll complete nine exercises, with no one set exceeding 24 reps. Exercises include lateral raises, tricep kickbacks, and tricep pulse backs.

The full workout can be completed in less than 15 minutes, making it great for summer days when you’re crunched for time or the thought of going for a run in sweltering heat is too unbearable.

How to Cater the Workout to You
Though Murphy appreciates that the workout includes both push and pull movements, he would make a few adjustments to ensure you’re working all your muscles evenly.

“The routine includes three sets of pushups but only one set of back rows. I would balance this out with more pulling movements, more sets of back rows, and possibly some reverse flys,” says Murphy.

We took Murphy’s advice and added a set of 15 reverse flys to the Tank Top Workout, resulting in a healthy burn in our entire arms the next day rather than in a concentrated area.

The Verdict
“Overall, this is a good basic workout that includes both pulling and pushing movements . . . [and] the simplicity of the workout makes it easy to adapt to any fitness level,” says Murphy. “But remember, overemphasizing the muscles in the front of the body can lead to a weak back, posture problems, and muscle imbalances that can open the door to future injury.”

Murphy also stresses maintaining proper form with each exercise. “As fatigue sets in, it becomes more challenging to keep good form, but it’s essential to get the most benefit out of the workout.”