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Second “White House Down” Trailer Is Out, and Everything Explodes

Apparently “Olympus Has Fallen” didn’t do enough damage.

Channing Tatum in White House Down. Image via Columbia Pictures.

Well, the second trailer for
White House Down is out, and apparently it’s a comedy starring Jamie Foxx as an Urkel-like President
who fumbles with rocket launchers and has to put on his glasses before he can fire
a gun and Channing Tatum as a dumb but lovable tough guy forced to keep Urkel alive
despite his own awkwardness.

In other news, this is EXACTLY the same movie as
Olympus Has Fallen. Planes flying super low over Pennsylvania Avenue? Yup. Child trapped inside the
White House by terrorists? Yup. Iconic monuments that disintegrate before our very
eyes? You betcha. As Washingtonians, we could take it personally that Hollywood keeps
trying to destroy us in the most explosive way possible, or we could just identify
with the Secret Service agent who sniggers when Maggie Gyllenhaal reveals Channing
Tatum’s character barely made a C average in college. Like THAT’ll get you a low-paying
but prestigious federal job, Magic Mike. Watch the trailer and tell us: Will you go
see this movie?