Style Tip for Guys: Thick-Rimmed Glasses (Photos)

How to pick a frame that fits your face.

It’s official—the bold eyeglass frame has become a badge of style in menswear. Today’s eclectic “geek chic” has officially banished the Urkel aesthetic to the ’90s and returned with the handsome eyewear of the ’40s and ’50s. Whether your frame of choice is black to accentuate the rim’s shape or golden tortoiseshell to complement your skin tone, a solid eyewear choice can do big things for your look.

But one slight misstep in a frame’s fit can leave you looking disproportionate. Before you book that eye appointment, make sure to figure out the shape of your face and the frame styles that will maintain balance between your forehead, cheekbones, and jawline.

So how to pick the right frame, you ask? Read on for the five most common face contours. ID yours, then click through the gallery of our favorite pairs to find your frame.

Your cheekbones are slightly wider compared to
the width of your forehead or jaw, and the face is as wide as it is
long, which creates a circular appearance. You need to add length to
your face—choose rectangular and narrow frames to add definition.

jawline, cheekbones, and forehead are equally proportioned, so smooth
out sharp lines by adding some curves with oval frames and a high nose

The face is narrow at the top and
bottom with very prominent cheekbones. Go with oval frames to highlight
your eyes and great bone structure.

Oblong or Oval
long face (and nose) creates a rectangle, so focus on adding width to
shorten the shape. Cheekbones are the widest, but the face is slightly
longer than wide. Pick rounded frames with a low nose bridge to add

Inverted Triangle or Heart
The combination of a
larger forehead and a narrow, strong jawline creates the shape of an
upside-down triangle or heart, so select a frame with width at the
bottom to add balance.