45 DC Bike and Hike Trails: Baltimore and Annapolis Trail

Photograph via iStock.

Baltimore and Annapolis Trail

Distance: 12.6 miles round-trip on suggested route.

The B&A rail trail extends an easy 13.3 miles from Annapolis to Glen Burnie. Want a shorter bike? Start at the Earleigh Heights Ranger Station in Severna Park and bike north. The trail cuts through parks and neighborhoods. Along the way, the kids will get an astronomy lesson: The NASA-sponsored Planet Walk, a scale model of the solar system, is spaced along a 4.7-mile section of the trail with information on each planet; it ends at a futuristic sculpture of the sun. At Glen Burnie, you can extend the ride via a 1.2-mile spur to the BWI Trail, an intermediate 12-mile loop around the airport (see page 90). For more information, go to the Anne Arundel County parks website.

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