3 Days, 3 Ways: How to Style an Oversize Knit

Casie Mace of WhippedStyle shows us three stylish ways to wear the cozy fall staple.

Casie Mace styles this simple, oversize knit for work, play, and relaxation. Photograph by Melanie Yu.

With our seemingly ever-shrinking budgets in this city, we’re always looking for ways to save when it comes to our wardrobe. Stylists say the best way to do so is to invest in high-quality, versatile pieces you can incorporate into multiple outfits and keep for years—but the advice isn’t always easy to follow. Luckily, we have such neighbors as Casie Mace of WhippedStyle in our ’hood to convince us otherwise. Below, the blogger shows us how to wear one of our favorite fall-to-winter staples—a solid, oversize sweater (in this case, it’s Topshop’s knitted tulip-stitch jumper)—for work, play, and relaxation. Nordstrom, here we come. . .

Day 1: En Route to the Office

“The contrast between the smooth pleather and the chunky fabric really adds dimension to this look. I also love how the knit gives a modern twist to such a classic silhouette, making it appropriate for work but still fun and edgy enough for happy hour.”

Forever 21 skirt, Chanel bag, Classiques Entier heels, Luna earrings.

Look 2: Weekend Downtime

“This is the ultra-comfy and versatile outfit that inspired me to write about this sweater. And in my book, you can’t go wrong with leather leggings—they upgrade any outfit.”

American Apparel leggings, Karl Marc John jacket, Classiques Entier heels, Onna Ehrlich bag, Coach sunglasses.

Look 3: Brunch Date With the Girls

“When I got this knit, I immediately fell in love with its duality. It’s short enough to be worn with leggings or tucked into another piece, but also long enough to be worn as a dress. And as a sweater dress, it’s an easy brunch outfit for the few remaining afternoons of warmth.”

Michael Kors boots, thrifted bag.

Photographs by Melanie Yu

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