4 YouTube Makeup Tutorials To Turn Heads This Halloween

Transform yourself into a fairy, a spider, and more.

Halloween isn’t just about ghosts and goblins. (Or candy.) It’s also a tailor-made opportunity to test out some truly outrageous makeup looks. After all, how often do you really get to play around with the more extreme hues in those eyeshadow palettes? From fairies to flappers, we found four stylish makeup tutorials you can use to transform yourself this Hallow’s Eve.

Woodland Fairy

This beauty blogger shows you how to become that ethereal character, whether you call it “fairy,” “princess,” or “Tinkerbell.” The pretty, soft hues will let you live the dream of your inner seven-year-old—but with the sophistication of your adult self. Bonus: Half of her face is finished so you can see what the final product will look like.

Wicked Witch of the West

If you’re staying true to Halloween classics this year, this YouTuber puts a modern twist on the Wicked Witch. The look allows your inner wickedness to shine through with bold, dramatic shadows and dark, overdrawn lips.


Steady hands are a requirement for this intricate look, which uses a combo of white and black liquid liner and eye shadow to create a glam take on a spiderweb. Tip: Ask a friend to draw the web if you don’t trust your own hands.


Though the flapper is a perennial mainstay for modern costuming, we’re betting this year brings out more ’20s-inspired looks than ever (blame Carey Mulligan for the uptick). While this version is a little more complicated—it involves giving yourself an entirely new set of brows—the authentic result will make all your hard work worthwhile. It’s no wonder this vlogger won a $25,000 cash prize from NYX Cosmetics for her tutorial.