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14 Ways to Incorporate Geometric Patterns at Home (Photos)

The eye-catching designs are popping up on everything from plates to coffee tables.

From bold graphic prints to sculptural shapes, modern geometric influences are a one-step wonder for adding a dose of playful pep to your home. A warning, though: One too many chevron-topped textiles and the look can shift from on-top-of-the-trend to dizzyingly over-the-top. We checked in with design pro Lori Graham for her take on how to nail the look. Read on for her expert tips, then click through the slideshow to see 14 great geometric finds.

1) Keep it small: Add geometric elements with toss pillows and decorative accents, which pack a small but mighty punch. Avoid using these prints on larger upholstered pieces, which can overwhelm.
2) Stick to neutrals: But if you DO want to use a geometric pattern on a larger item, go for a neutral color such as cream or brown and make it a key statement piece in the room.
3) Play nicely: If a geometric piece is in a colorful finish, be careful that it doesn’t fight with other colors or design elements in the room, especially prints and shapes.