Try This Before Changing Your Maiden Name

A new website offers a quiz to help you determine your “ideal” married name.

Image via Shutterstock.

If you are still unsure whether to take your soon-to-be spouse’s last name, there’s now a website that allows you to test the waters before you’re faced with having to sign your marriage license. Launched last week by Danielle Tate, the Maryland-based CEO and founder of—a service that simplifies the legal name-change process without countless visits to government offices—MarriedNameGame is a free online game that allows soon-to-be brides to explore all their married name options before committing to one.

After a series of eight short multiple-choice questions, which take into account key life factors, individual preferences, and state of residence, the quiz will suggest to brides-to-be their ideal married name—whether it’s taking your spouse’s name, hyphenating both, or sticking with your maiden name. “There are many intricate life factors that influence a woman’s change of name after marriage,” said Tate in a press release. “Knowing your options makes this decision easier, yet few women know what they can actually do—if I had known that taking my maiden name as a middle name was an option, I would have done so. This is why I created this tool.” Check out the game online, then tell us what you think.