What I Wear to Work: Chef Frederik de Pue of Menu MBK and Table

The chef favors simplicity and European touches in his wardrobe.

Who: Chef Frederik de Pue, 37
Chef/owner of Table DC and Menu MBK 

What I do: “I run Table DC and Menu MBK. Table is a Euro-style restaurant with seasonal dishes, and I just opened Menu MBK earlier this year. I spend an equal amount of time at both restaurants, although I consider Menu my ‘office’ as there’s physically more space for me there. I oversee menu development and daily operations of the restaurants. Some of the seasonal or signature dishes include the octopus at Table and the current chef’s tasting menu at Menu MBK. The theme changes monthly. It’s hosted at the open chef’s counter/kitchen with only six seats, and this month’s theme is breakfast for dinner.”

My work style: “A lot of chefs wear Crocs or clogs in the kitchen, but I love Adidas indoor soccer shoes. I’m typically in jeans and clothes from Massimo Dutti. I like their classic and stylish aesthetic with that European sensibility. I’m always in favor of the more polished look.”

My off-duty style: “I gravitate toward simplicity—just blazers and jeans. In the summer I’ll wear something more breathable, like shorts, when I get home, but I have to admit I’m not much of a summer guy. I find it harder to dress well in the summer, and I was brought up around clothing since my mom owns a store called Van Houtte in my hometown of Ghent, Belgium. She sells both men’s and women’s clothing and it has been in her family for over 50 years. She definitely passed on her fashion sense to me.” 

The Details

The Samba sneaker by Adidas Originals, $65. Photograph courtesy of Adidas.

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