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Washington’s Adoptable Pets of the Week, October 17, 2014

Looking for a furry friend? One of these cuties—all available at Washington-area rescues—might be your match.

Beaetta (above) is an adorable senior Border Terrier mix. She weighs about 15 pounds and is an ideal pup for apartment/condo living, since she’s quiet—except when she tells you it’s time for a walk—and she loves to cuddle. Beaetta is good with everyone, including other small dogs, but she would also be fine as the only dog if she gets lots of love. She is blind, but she doesn’t know she has a handicap. She is available for adoption at Homeward Trails Animal Rescue.

Charmin and Gloria are a beautiful, bonded pair. He is a Flamepoint Siamese, and she is a Himalayan mix. He is very playful; she is more laid-back. Both are around two years old and are available for adoption through Homeward Trails Animal Rescue.

Pumpkin Spice is a handsome and charming ten-month-old guy. He is always down to play and go on adventures, and he loves to snuggle up next to you when he’s tired. Pumpkin Spice is smart, too, and has learned many commands in a short amount of time, including “sit,” “down,” and “focus.” You can meet him at the Washington Humane Society’s New York Avenue shelter.

Kayla is a gorgeous, two-year-old, long-haired cat whose owner gave her up because of landlord issues. She is friendly, playful, gentle, and affectionate. Kayla enjoys her scratching post and toys that squeak. And when she’s done playing, she likes nothing better than to curl up in your lap for some quality time. Stop by the Washington Animal Rescue League to meet her.

Kohana is an adorable two-month-old, hound-mix puppy. She’s friendly, playful, curious, energetic, and always up for a good time. Kohana is one of almost 20 puppies currently available at the Washington Animal Rescue League. So if you are interested in adopting a puppy, now is the time!

Marshmallow is a sweet four-year-old Mini Rex rabbit. He is gentle and loves to play and be petted. Marshmallow is available for adoption through the Animal Welfare League of Arlington, but you can currently visit him at Pet Supplies Plus in Falls Church, where he is helping to educate people about the wonderful bunnies available for adoption at the shelter. He was given up because the children in his previous family were not caring for him. With that in mind, a quick disclaimer: Though wonderful pets, rabbits are not low-maintenance and children younger than teens should not be expected to manage their care.

Palm and Beach are a pair of three-year-old blue and white Budgies. They’re both girls and are good friends. You can find them at the Animal Welfare League of Arlington.

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