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Reader Photos: Washington’s Cutest Pets, November 4, 2014

This week, meet readers' pets Zoe, Bruno, Sadie, Thurston, and Lucy.

Want your pet to be featured on our website? E-mail your pet’s name, location, a brief bio, and a photo to pets@washingtonian.com, and use the subject line “Reader Pets.”

“We raise sheep, goats, beef cattle, and chickens at our farm outside Berryville, Virginia. Here is our border collie, Zoe (above). Although she is a house dog, she is always ready to go to the barn!”

“This is Bruno—he lives in Darnestown, Maryland. He is seven years old and loves car rides, cuddle sessions, tummy rubs, and chewing on his toy bones. Bruno is well traveled and has been to West Palm Beach, Florida, and Ocean City. He is not a fan of thunderstorms or cats.”

“This is Sadie! We live in the H Street corridor in Northeast DC. Sadie is a very lovable dog. She enjoys being around her family, other dogs, and, of course, squirrels. If you take her on a hike, she will run and run, always coming back to make sure you’re keeping up. She is a beagle through and through.”

“Thurston is a 1.5-year-old English bulldog who lives in Silver Spring with his mom and dad. For fun, Thurston likes to get together with fellow bulldog friends at the Maryland and DC bulldog meet-ups. Thurston, like many English bulldogs, can sleep just about anywhere and in any position.”

“My name is Lucy, and I am a diva. I live in the Capitol Hill neighborhood, where I love watching trains go in and out at Union Station. I spend my days lounging on the couch like a human and waiting for my roommate, Hannah, to come home from work. I love socializing and getting snuggles!”