The 8 Most Ridiculous Questions on the America’s Next Top Model Application

Want to impress Tyra? Be prepared to spill a lot of personal details.

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Want to be America’s Next Top Model? You have your shot at Saturday’s casting call at the Fashion Centre at Pentagon City—as long as you’re willing to answer a lot of awkward questions.

A quick browse through the show’s “eligibility requirements,” a five-page precursor to the application, turns up several interesting statements about what it takes to be Tyra’s favorite:

“This group of individuals … must also have sufficient physical, psychological, and mental capacity to endure approximately two months in a monitored house under extraordinary conditions.”

“You understand and agree that you may be required to pose and be photographed or videotaped while clothed, partially clothed, or naked.

And finally, “If selected for interviews, you must also submit to physical and mental examinations by medical professional(s) in Los Angeles selected by the Producers and meet all physical and psychological requirements.”

If that doesn’t scare you off, the next step is the actual application, a ten-page behemoth that covers subjects ranging from your exact relationship status (“Boyfriend? How long?”) to what magazines you read.

Here are a few standouts among the application’s 76 questions (you can see the full document below).

  • “Have you ever had a restraining order issued against you? If so, tell us about it.”
  • “If you are married or in a relationship, how would you rate your relationship on a scale of 1-10?”
  • “Tell us about your childhood.”
  • “Regardless of your marital status, describe your ideal romantic partner.”
  • “What was the last time you hit, punched, kicked, or threw something in anger? Please provide details.”
  • “How often do you get drunk? How do you act when you get drunk?”
  • “If you could throw a surprise party to honor someone in your life that is deserving, who would it be and why does this person deserve to be honored?”
  • “Have you ever been to a nude beach? If so, what was it like?”

If you’re one of the brave ones trying your chances on January 3, you better be prepared to bare it all—figuratively and, quite possibly, literally. All we can say is good luck, and remember to “smize.”

America’s Next Top Model casting call. Saturday, January 3, 11 AM to 5 PM. Fashion Centre at Pentagon City, 1100 S. Hayes St., Arlington, 703-415-2401.

America’s Next Top Model Application

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