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Tom Daschle Sold His House for More Than $3 Million

From being used in an attack ad to property tax evasion, this home had a lot of baggage.

Tom Daschle‘s home on Foxhall Road in DC’s Wesley Heights has caused some drama over the years for the former senator from South Dakota. Daschle and wife Linda bought the residence in 2003 for $1.9 million, and it was promptly used the same year as attack ad material. The commercial, aired by the Club for Growth, used the high-end house as evidence that the then-Democratic minority leader was out of touch with his constituents.

The mansion was again fodder for the right during Daschle’s 2004 reelection campaign, when some reporters noted he was receiving DC’s homestead deduction on his property taxes, though he was a resident of South Dakota. Fast-forward to 2009 when President Barack Obama tapped Daschle to become Secretary of Health and Human Services, and a different set of tax problems derailed the nomination, giving commentators an opportunity to revisit the old (and since resolved) issue of the property taxes.

So, yes, a bit of heartburn came with those seven bedrooms, but in the end, it seems the house was worth the trouble. Property records show that trustees of a Thomas A. Daschle and Linda Hall-Daschle sold the Foxhall Road house for a cool $3.25 million late last year—a profit of $1.35 mil.

The new owners’ identities are concealed behind a trust—and yes, they are receiving the homestead deduction.

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