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A White House Correspondents’ Dinner Event

Whether you're on the guest list or not, the White House Correspondents Dinner could be a chance to people-watch and party.

Photograph courtesy of Shutterstock

Why you might roll your eyes:

All those self-praising insiders and their C-list celeb friends. Locals know better than to act impressed.

Why you’ll love it:

It’s still pretty fun to catch a glimpse of what happens when “Hollywood for ugly people” meets, well, Hollywood for pretty people. The best way to do thatbecause the dinner is a hard ticket to getis to attend one of the many parties during the weekend of the WHCD. Don’t have an invite? If party crashing is also on your bucket list, this is the time to try. Our advice: Go solo, dress the part, and try to sneak in with a larger group of VIPs on the list. (Hover by the entrance in a discreet, not-a-stalker way. The more you look like you belong, the better.) Or drop a nameodds are the people with clipboards checking the guest lists are from New York or LA PR firms and wouldn’t know a Washington player by looks alone. If all else fails, stake out a bar seat at Bourbon Steak or at Quill in the Jefferson hotel, where you’ll likely see some visiting Hollywood celebs grabbing a nightcap.

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