5 Tips for Rescuing Your Hair From Winter Weather

Snow problem? ’S no problem.

Are you a woman? With hair? That gets wet in the snow and flat under a hat? Jasmine Connally, chief style boss at BLO Blow Dry Bar in Dupont can help.

Connally has been styling District women on the go at BLO since the salon opened last March. An expert at creating volume and giving locks a shiny, sleek texture, she knows a thing or two about rescuing a look, even in the midst of winter’s worst. Shop Around reached out to find out what she recommends for protecting your ‘do in the midst of a downpour.

1. Get a good umbrella. Though some would say that only wimps use umbrellas in any precipitation other than rain, Connally is “100 percent pro using an umbrella in the snow.” Once the snow melts into water, your damp ‘do doesn’t have much of a chance of retaining it’s style.

2. Go for looser hats to retain volume. “If wearing a hat or hood is a must, avoid anything tight-fighting or wool—wool shrinks in the rain,” says Connally. “Try applying extra volumizing spray before throwing on your hat or hood to help avoid flatness.”

3. Pin it up. Once you’ve been through a blizzard, there’s quick and easy way back to your perfect blowout. Connally advises throwing it up in a loose bun for the day and then pin curling your hair to help revive its body for the next day. “To pin curl: Separate your hair into one-inch sections. Next, wrap each section around the barrel of a curling iron,” says Connally. “When removing hair from iron, wrap neatly around your index finger. Pin down each curl with 2 bobby pins, crossing one over the other in an ‘X’ position.”

4. Battle “blizzard head” with dry shampoo. “UNITE’s 7seconds Refresher is my go-to blizzard beauty option,” says Connally. “This dry shampoo, which is available at BLO Blow Dry Bar, not only leaves hair feeling clean and smelling great, but also adds a bit of texture and volume all around.”

5. Repair, repeat. Connally suggests helping your hair recover from winter’s dry, blustery days with UNITE 7seconds Condition. “It’s a leave-in detangler that repairs, protects and strengthens hair through harsh winter weather,” she says. “The U LUXURY Oil also gives hair that lasting moisture and shine you thought wasn’t possible in the winter. Your hair will feel alive again with these two products.”

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