Get Sephora Products Delivered to Your Doorstep for 10 Bucks a Year

Sephora’s FLASH service is either very good, or very, very bad for your wallet.

With services like Amazon Prime offering free two day shipping at the cost of membership, shoppers are becoming accustomed to getting their products delivered quickly and without another seven or so dollars tacked onto the price. So in January, Sephora introduced FLASH, which allows the beauty company’s customers to pay ten dollars for a membership that grants them free two-day shipping for a year.

FLASH is a product of Sephora’s Innovation Lab, a program within the company that uses the collective brainpower of Sephora employees to generate new offerings and technologies for the brand. Bridget Dolan, vice president of Innovation Lab, says that FLASH is part of an effort to make their dotcom business just as seamless and convenient as an in-store experience.

“We hope that FLASH will give our clients faster access to the products they love and meet the demands of our growing online sales,” says Dolan.

FLASH comes free for the real beauty-obsessed: Sephora’s VIB Rouge insiders who spend $1,000 or more a year on Sephora products, who are also granted access to limited-list events, new products, and complimentary services at the company Beauty Studio. But with free two-day shipping available, it may not take beauty junkies long to hit that thousand dollar mark.

Enroll for FLASH here.

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