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Here’s Your Chance to Live on Unicorn Lane

$1.395 million buys you this magical, magical street address.

When it comes to street names, DC isn’t exactly bursting with creatively titled roadways. You got your alphabet streets, your numbered streets, your state-name avenues … and Unicorn Lane. Yup.

Hiding in Northwest DC, sandwiched between the unassuming Oregon Avenue and the ho-hum 31st Street, is the whimsically dubbed little loop-de-loop. Apparently the neighborhood comes complete with a statue of the mystical creature. And it’s only a half-mile from Jumpin’ Jack Spring, because obviously.

If Unicorn Lane sounds exactly like the address your inner seven-year-old has always dreamed of, now’s your chance to snap up one of the neighborhood’s brick townhomes. 2711 Unicorn Lane NW is on the market for $1.395 million, a drop from its original price of $1.5 million when it was first listed last May.

As for the home itself: It’s a large six-bedroom, six-bath 1973 townhouse in serious need of an update. It features remarkably ugly carpeting. But bragging rights to one of the city’s best addresses has got to be worth something, right?

Head to Long & Foster for more details and a full tour.