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5 Pro Tips For a Stress-Free Move

The president of Metropolitan Moving & Storage shares his secrets for an easy relocation.

Planning a summer move? Make it as painless as possible—Jonathan Neal, the president of Maryland-based moving company Metropolitan Moving & Storage, shares his top five tips for a smooth move:

Create a floor plan for your new home. To save time and money, map out where your furniture will go so the movers know exactly where to unload each item. And don’t forget to label your boxes so your movers know where to place your personal items, too.

Go room-by-room. Staying as organized as possible while packing will help minimize confusion when unpacking. The best method: Pack up one room, label the boxes clearly, and keep them all in that room until moving day. Keep the contents of each room in separate boxes and don’t mix items.

Pack by priority. Pack the least essential items first and the most essential items last. Fill one box with moving day essentials such as paper goods, snacks, toiletries, and moving documents.

Check the weather. Thunderstorms and humidity can be intense during the summer. Call your moving company in advance to get the details on their inclement weather policy.

Secure your parking—and your elevator. If either home lacks a driveway or designated parking, make sure to reserve the appropriate “no parking” signs, which you can get from the local police precinct at least 72 hours before moving day. If you are moving into or out of an apartment, you may need to reserve use of the elevator (and some buildings may have “blackout days” during which moves are not permitted). Check with your building management.