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Congrats, DC! You Have the Coziest Homes (And the Most At-Home Happy Hours) in the Country.

You guys like to party AND snuggle.

This morning, online retailer Wayfair released their report on holiday trends and shopping, and what do you know? Our little non-state has been determined to be the coziest state in the country this holiday season. “Based on the sale of cozy décor items,” Wayfair writes, “such as throw pillows and blankets as well as the sale of hearth warming items such as electric fireplaces, fireplace screens and tools,” Washington, DC, ranks first in the nation. In other words, Washingtonians aren’t afraid to drop a pretty penny on keeping themselves warm and snuggly. Keep it up, fellow urbanites: there’s still a long, cold winter ahead.

We’ve also apparently been snapping up martini shakers left and right, because DC was also ranked number one when it comes to buying home happy hours supplies. With the holiday season ahead of us, those shakers and bar carts are sure to come in handy.

But alas, bad news must follow the good. DC has shamefully ranked second in the nation when it comes to faux Christmas tree sales. Washington, I expected better of you.

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