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There Are Still Plenty of Tickets Available For the Early Release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Photograph via Lucasfilm/Walt Disney Studios.

Some DC Star Wars fans may be camping out for the early release of The Force Awakens, but there’s an easier way to score tickets: Fandango. Believe it or not, there are still plenty of seats available for a number of showings on Thursday night. The times and theaters are listed below. Go snag them before someone else does.

AMC Hoffman Center 22: 7:05 PM (3D), 7:10 PM (3D), 7:15 PM (3D), 7:15 PM (3D), 7:20 PM (3D), 7:25 PM (3D), 7:30 PM (3D), 7:30 PM (3D), 10:00 PM (3D), 10:20 PM (3D), 10:35 PM (3D), 10:35 PM (3D), 10:40 PM (3D), 10:50 PM (3D), 10:55 PM (3D), 11:00 PM (3D), 11:05 PM (3D).

AMC Loews Georgetown 14: 7:45 PM (3D), 10:15 PM (3D), 10:45 PM (3D), 11:00 PM (3D), 11:30 PM, (3D), 12:15 AM (standard), 1:30 AM (standard), 1:45 AM (IMAX 3D).

AMC Mazza Gallerie: 7:00 PM (3D), 8:00 PM (standard), 9:00 PM (3D), 10:00 PM (standard), 11:00 PM (standard), 12:00 AM (3D).

AMC Loews Uptown 1: 10:45 PM (3D), 2:15 PM (3D)

Regal Gallery Place 14: 11:30 PM (standard), 11:45 PM (3D), 12:00AM (3D)

Regal Ballston Common Stadium 12: 7:01 PM (3D), 7:30 PM (standard), 9:30 PM (standard), 10:10 PM (standard), 10:10 PM (3D), 10:11 PM (3D), 10:40 PM (standard), 11:10 PM (3D), 11:11 PM (3D).

Regal Bethesda: 7:30 PM (standard), 8:00 PM (3D), 8:30 PM (standard), 9:00 PM (3D), 9:30 PM (3D), 10:05 PM (standard).

Regal Hyattsville Royale 14: 7:00 PM (3D), 7:30 PM (standard), 7:45 PM (standard), 8:00 PM (3D),

Regal Majestic Stadium 20:

Regal Potomac Yard Stadium 16: 7:15 PM (standard), 7:30 PM (3D), 7:45 PM (standard), 8:30 PM (3D), 9:30 PM (standard), 10:10 PM (3D), 10:40 PM (standard).

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