8 Ways to Dress Festively Without Freezing on New Year’s Eve

We hate to be the ones to break it to you, but you–yes, you–are too old to wear a sparkly mini skirt on New Year’s Eve. We all are.

Thankfully, as far as New Year’s Eve goes, you don’t have to dress in a thigh-baring outfit encrusted with sequins just to fit the “Festive Attire” dress code. Here are a few ways you can bundle up and cover up while ringing in the new year, in warmth and style.

1. Jumpsuits are your friend.

To start, go ahead and cover those legs up in this jumpsuit twist on a tuxedo. Your lower half will be warm, while your look still says “party time” from the waist up. Badgley Mischka “Emma” jumpsuit, $85 to rent at Rent the Runway.

2. Faux fur stoles are as snug as they are glamorous.

Afraid of catching a chill? Channel some Grace Kelly old-world style with this simple faux fur stole. Oversized faux fur stole, $105 at Topshop.

3. Yes, you can just wear sweatpants.

The ultimate trying-without-really-trying pant is leather sweatpants. Pair with heels and a nice blouse, and spend the evening feeling comfortable and cozy. “Run With It” vegan leather jogger pants, $88 at Nasty Gal.

4. Fringe can make anything look festive.

Though this party skirt may be a bit breezy, the fringe offers enough festive spirit to go around, which means you can opt for a cashmere sweater on top instead of shivering in a silky tank top all night. Nic & Zoe “Fringed Up” skirt, $158 at Nordstrom.

5. Get inspired by men’s formal wear.

Take a note from menswear with another twist on the classic tuxedo. These casual formal-wear-inspired pants are cut loose, so you won’t have to hold back on the shrimp cocktail. Sanctuary tuxedo jogger pant, $70 at South Moon Under.

6. Keep it casual.

Do your NYE plans involve a bottle of wine, Cards Against Humanity, and a few friends on your couch? We wouldn’t judge you for wearing your pajamas all night, but if you want to feel a little fancy, pair this fringe sweatshirt with some leather pants. Sweatshirt with fringe hem, $79.50 at J. Crew.

7. Not all blazers are created equal.

Sure, you’ve picked out the perfect LBD. But come midnight, it’s January, which means real winter is here. Toss on this metallic blazer to stay warm until dawn without cramping your style. Mural slouchy boyfriend blazer, $74 at Nordstrom.

8. Be prepared for action.

Are these workout pants? Why yes, yes they are. Wear them with a long blouse or blazer and heels, and no one will notice. Bonus: You’re already dressed to kick off your resolutions with a New Year’s Day workout. Zara Terez glitter legging, $78 at Carbon 38.

Associate Editor

Caroline Cunningham joined Washingtonian in 2014 after moving to the DC area from Cincinnati, where she interned and freelanced for Cincinnati Magazine and worked in content marketing. She currently resides in College Park.