9 Delicious Cold Weather Recipes from DC Chefs

Chicken thighs fra diavolo from the Red Hen 

Chef Mike Friedman riffs on the Italian-American classic in this simple-yet-delicious recipe, which packs smoky heat from chili flakes and paprika.

Sour soup from Thip Khao

We’re addicted to the flavors in this Laotian soup: comforting yet invigorating thanks to bright bursts from Thai chilies and tamarind juice (ingredients that can often be found at Whole Foods).

Sour soup from Thip Khao makes a warming, healthy meal. Photograph by Scott Suchman.

Mike Isabella’s lamb chili

Bacon, ground lamb, chilies, and local beer lend this creative stew tons of flavor. Don’t skip the crunchy Sriracha pea topping, or a dollop of Greek yoghurt.

Healthy spaghetti squash-and-zucchini parmesan from True Food Kitchen

The low-carb crowd can indulge with this hearty vegetarian twist on a classic parm.

Try this spaghetti squash casserole for a warming riff on a classic parm. Photograph courtesy of Fox Restaurant Concepts

Ultra-luxe mac n’ cheese from Vidalia

A rich mornay sauce makes this dish extra-decadent. The recipe calls for cave-aged goat cheddar and goat cheese curd, but we’ve substituted a mix of easy-to-find goat cheese and cheddar with equally  delicious results.

Dan O’Brien’s spicy chicken breakfast loaf

This is one intense sandwich, especially if taken down in the morning. That being said, we can’t imagine a better combination–Nashville-style hot chicken, a fried egg, melty cheese–on a cold day.

Hot chicken plus eggs equals the best morning ever. Photograph by Scott Suchman

Carla Hall’s hot chicken burger 

Frank’s hot sauce and a crunchy blue cheese-celery slaw make this chicken patty taste like the best hot wings ever, no fryer needed.

Burger Américain from Le Diplomate

A hot griddle, not an outdoor grill, is key to this crave-inducing burger. Thin patties crisp around the edges, while a creamy Thousand Island-esque dressing, pickles, and American cheese make this the best riff on a Big Mac ever.

A family meal recipe from the Source: red curry chicken. Photograph by Scott Suchman

Thai red curry chicken from the Source

Chef Scott Drewno originally created this recipe for the kitchen’s pre-shift family meal, and it became an instant hit. Thankfully it’s also simple enough for curry-making novices.

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