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The 11 Best Pieces from Anthropologie’s Massive New Spring Home Decor Launch

Photo via Anthropologie

If you snatched the new Anthropologie catalog out of the mailbox this week and nearly dropped it due to its sheer weight, you’re not alone. In recent months the brand had doubled (or maybe quintupled) down on its furniture and decor offerings and this week sent out the largest Home-only catalog I can ever recall receiving—this thing is the size of the May issue of a reputable glossy.

Inside, its packed with Anthro staples—patterned duvets, colorful bubbled glassware, unexpected wallpaper prints—but also branches away from its former distinctly twee offerings into a new sort of glamour and luxury.

We canvassed the catalog and the site to find the best examples of the whole new Anthro.


  1. Bentwood coat rack, $348


2. Post-Impressionism Tea Towel, $20


3. Promontory Taper Holder, $35


4. Hanging Desk Organizer, $328


5. Bird Sanctuary Wallpaper, $498 


6. Powder-coated Trashcan, $40


7. Lacquered Mobilesque Chandelier, $798


8. Visby Three-Tier Bookcase, $798


9. Illustrian Pillow, $128


10. Belgian Linen Rhys Chair, $2,098


11. Pavillion Baskets, $88-$178

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