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Park Wars: The Quarterfinals, Malcolm X v. Theodore Roosevelt Park

Park Wars: The Quarterfinals, Malcolm X v. Theodore Roosevelt Park

Park Wars Quarterfinals: Malcolm X v. Theodore Roosevelt Park

We’ve watched early favorites steamroll their foes (like the indomitable Burke Lake Park) and we’ve seen one-time giants fall from grace (pour one out for Hains Point, raise one up for Clemyjontri–our Cinderella in the making). It’s the fourth and final day of quarterfinals competition; the sky is gray, the pavement’s wet, and the air is rife with the feeling that anything could happen.

Today we feature a head-to-head between two of the city’s finest: the Sunday mecca known as Malcolm X Park d/b/a Meridian Hill Park and Theodore Roosevelt, that leafy island with a statue of the 26th president mid-high-five at its heart. And oh yeah, they both have 4-and-a-half stars on Yelp.

Theodore Roosevelt Island

A sanctuary in the Potomac with a statue of Teddy. Entrance off northbound George Washington Memorial Parkway.


Meridian Hill Park

Also called Malcolm X Park, it’s known for its Sunday drum circle and 13-basin fountain. Between 15th and 16th and W and Euclid streets, NW.


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