Jrink Just Released a Cherry Blossom-Themed Juice That’s Supposed to Help Your Seasonal Allergies

All photographs courtesy Jrink.

Cherry blossoms have inspired all kinds of specials, events, and products—from a cherry-blossom-themed pop-up bar to a cherry blossom Frappuccino to cherry cocktails. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that now their popping up in juices. On Thursday, cold-pressed juice company Jrink launched “Blossom Me Up,” a cherry-blossom inspired juice.

I say “cherry-blossom inspired” because, as with Starbucks’ Frappuccino last year, it is not cherry flavored. Rather, this new juice is made with strawberries, lemon, raw honey, and filtered water. The result is a salmon-colored riff on strawberry lemonade that is lip-pursing sweet.

Though the eight-ounce “Blossom Me Up” tastes like candy, it’s being marketed—as with all Jrink juices—as healthy counteract to your ailments. Specifically, this cherry-blossom beverage is supposed to help soothe your seasonal allergies. According to a Jrink representative, the lemon “packs a high punch of vitamin C, which helps your body block histamine” while the honey revs your immune system, and the strawberries add antioxidants.

Who’s to say if it’ll actually stop your seasonal sneezing and itchy eyes, but if you want to give it a shot, “Blossom Me Up” is currently available at Jrink locations for $7.


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