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What Washington Loves To Hate, According to a New Dating App

DC really hates Mel Gibson and tramp stamps, while Maryland's feathers are more ruffled by bad parking jobs and "snitches."

What Washington Loves To Hate, According to a New Dating App
Photograph via iStock.

After seeing a friend swipe through a new dating app called Hater, which matches users based on mutual objects of loathing, I started wondering about what got my fellow Washingtonians into a tizzy. Was everyone as piqued by the people who park in the bike lane as I was?

I hit up the folks who run the app to learn what we despise the most, compared to users in other areas. They also gave me the top 10 lists for our neighbors, Maryland and Virginia:


No.1 Uber surge pricing
But you all deleted the app following its recent scandals anyway, right?
No.2 Mel Gibson
Looks like Hacksaw Ridge really struck a nerve.
No.3 People that don’t vote
Surprising absolutely no one.
No.4 People who block the whole escalator
You’re not a true Washingtonian if this doesn’t irk you.
No.5 Meetings that should be emails
Better yet: GIFs on Slack.
No.6 9/11 truthers
No further comment needed.
No.7 Mansplaining
True story: I recently went on a date where the guy told me he doesn’t really read the news, then proceeded to give me an in-depth explainer of journalism.
No.8 Tramp stamps
Let’s move on.
No.9 Littering
The trash can is right there.
No.10 The Confederate flag
Users are united in their hate for the “heritage, not hate” brigade.


No.1 Misplacing your keys
Just keep them in your pocket or on a designated hook and you won’t have this problem.
No.2 Bad parking jobs
Uh, really, Maryland?
No.3 Two girls one cup
The heartwarming internet classic.
No.4 “Cash me outside”
You’re universally loathed, how bouh dah.
No.5 Picky eaters
It’s food, just eat it. You’re not 12.
No.6 The 1%
Occupy lives!
No.7 Musicians who lip sync
To be fair, you’d be excluding most major musicians–including Beyoncé.
No.8 Being sick
You get to stay home and watch Netflix though.
No.9 Snitches
What authority figure are these “snitches” appealing to, exactly?
No.10 People who use snapchat filters for profile pictures
Classic selfie hate with a fun contemporary twist.


No.1 Traffic
Infuriating, universal, something we can all get behind hating.
No.2 Spiders
Um, what kind of hellish arachnids are y’all hosting over there?
No.3 Man buns
I’m still a fan to be honest. *hides face in shame*
No.4 Meetings that should be emails
Again, I say: GIFs in Slack.
No.5 Bud Light Lime
Virginia, don’t lie.
No.6 Moochers
Yeah, these are annoying.
No.7 Country music
Again, such a cliché. The Dixie Chicks are fly as hell.
No.8 The glass ceiling
You don’t win friends with salad.
N0.10 Cookies with raisins
Who among us hasn’t been fooled into thinking they were about to ingest chocolate?

As for other cities, Hater users in New York loathe bad wifi and Donald Trump the most, while in Los Angeles they despise people who talk during movies and littering.

Julie Strupp is an editorial fellow. Before Washingtonian, she did francophone video, radio, and photography projects addressing gender-based violence in Togo, West Africa with Peace Corps. She worked at the Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism and AllAfrica and has contributed to Mic, Center for Public Integrity, DCist, and more. Now a proud Petworth-dweller, she’s also a University of Wisconsin-Madison graduate who loves judo, biking, art, and keeping the powerful accountable.