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Where Can You Stay on Capitol Hill for What Scott Pruitt Paid?

We checked Airbnb for rooms around $50 a night.
Scott Pruitt isn’t having a great week. Under his leadership, the Environmental Protection Agency has made some questionable financial decisions, from spending $43,000 on soundproofing Pruitt’s office to paying a health-care lobbyist for Pruitt’s lodging. For six months in 2017, Pruitt paid nightly for a room in a Capitol Hill condo co-owned by lobbyist Vicki Hart, an arrangement which might have already compromised the EPA. We took Pruitt’s cushy, ethically dubious rental set-up as a challenge: What would it look like to pay $50 a night for a bedroom in one of the most expensive neighborhoods in the District? We checked Airbnb for some insight, looking at similarly priced private rooms near the Capitol ranked from least to most appealing.


scott pruitt The mattress is on the floor. You get what you paid for?  


scott pruitt There’s no WiFi, TV, or private entrance, but at least it’s a king-size bed.  


scott pruitt Bunk. Bed.  


scott pruitt Nice bay windows and a narrow sofa bed.  


scott pruitt A Stanton Park townhouse.  


scott pruitt A modest sleigh bed.  


scott pruitt Dorm-room vibes.  


scott pruitt Enjoy furry blankets and inspirational-quote decorations.  


scott pruitt This cozy townhouse even has a fireplace.  


scott pruitt With hardwood floors, a private deck, and nice natural light this Victorian rental is actually a great price—despite the blurry bedroom pic.  

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