100 Very Best Restaurants: #9 – Pineapple and Pearls

150 layer lasagna

The most elegant welcome of the season comes courtesy of Aaron Silverman’s tasting-menu restaurant, where the smoothest of martinis—50-50, just how we like it—is stirred tableside when you sit down. To snack on: the “world’s tiniest slice of pie,” layered with bone marrow and onion gelée, and a pastry-wrapped escargot. The rest of the 9-to-11-course menu is just as fun. A family-style square of lasagna turns out to be a mash-up of lobster fra diavolo, Mornay sauce, and pesto. Also nice: The place is as laid-back as it is fancy. White truffles shaved over Époisses ice cream, meet Chaka Khan. Very expensive.