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March 2020: Learn Something New

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Photo-illustration by Justin Metz.

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Learn Something New

Always wanted to know how to read palms or print in 3D or brew your own kombucha or pilot a drone? Here are dozens of fun classes you can take in Washington right now. Edited by Sherri Dalphonse.


Pump It Up

Photograph by Jillian Clark.

It’s the season of more is more. Poofy sleeves, oversize shoulders (they’re back!), and other details are adding oomph to spring fashions. By Lindsey Evans.

The Greatest Washington Writer You’ve Never Heard Of

jason reynolds
Photograph by Jeff Elkins

Unless you’re one of the 2.5 million people who have bought his bestselling young-adult books, that is. Now Jason Reynolds is about to become an even bigger deal. By Courtney Rubin.

The Lady’s Handbook For Her Mysterious Illness

She fell catastrophically ill with an invisible sickness, struggled to get diagnosed—and was written off as crazy along the way. Her story isn’t uncommon. By Sarah Ramey.

The Unsinkable Professor

Bruce Fleming offended women and minorities, disparaged his employer on TV, sent shirtless photos to students, and has generally been one of the biggest pains in the rear ever visited upon the United States Naval Academy. The brass has spent years trying to oust him. Yet his latest battle has inspired colleagues to rally around him. By Benjamin Wofford.


Photograph courtesy of Erick Sanchez.

He’s Got Juice: A DC prankster joined an actual campaign. What did he learn? By Andrew Beaujon.

Odd Couple: How Mitt Romney took Ben Stiller to a Jeff Bezos party. By Benjamin Wofford.

Behind the Paintings: The National Portrait Gallery tells the full story of those blockbuster Obama images in a new book. By Nathan Diller.

3 . . . 2 . . . 1 . . . Space Force!: There’s more to building a branch of the military than you think. Inside the creation of the Space Force brand. By Benjamin Wofford.


Photograph courtesy of Sarah Sherman.

The 23 performances, exhibits, and other events worth your time this month.


Photograph by Jeff Elkins

Interview: The head of DC’s Public Defender Service on what makes her agency so important. Interview by Rob Brunner.

Politics: With the Trump hotel’s lease up for sale, will the President’s fans need a new watering hole? By Jessica Sidman.

Cityscape: The Newseum’s death is the lat­est twist in the long saga of Pennsylvania Avenue architecture. By Andrew Pressman.


The Roads to Wellville: Six trips that combine fun and fitness. Plus—what to pack. By Mimi Montgomery. 

Status Symbol: The power plant. By Amy Moeller.

Love in the Time of Apnea: How bringing a decidedly unsexy, whirring machine to bed can actually help a relationship. By Mimi Montgomery. 


Maialino Mare: New York restaurateur Danny Meyer opens a trattoria in a Navy Yard hotel. By Ann Limpert.

Family Thai: A spinoff of Bethesda’s Bangkok Garden has a personality all its own. By Ann Limpert.

Dinner in an Insta: A Silver Spring mom is luring DC’s top chefs to cook for her supper club. By Anna Spiegel.


Photograph by Eric Taylor.

Trim Swim: A city oasis that proves a rowhouse can be perfect for a pool. Plus three other space-challenged—but swimmable—backyards. By Jennifer Barger.

The Briefing: Chevy Chase. What to know about both the Maryland and DC sides right now. By Cynthia Hacinli.

Time Capsules: Two Watergate condos nearly untouched since the ’70s. By Marisa M. Kashino.

Pets: CBD for the D-O-G. By Daniella Byck.


Roll Credits: Imagining fellow commuters’ backstories in the movie of your life. By Michael Schaffer.