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Want to Support DC-Area Photographers During the Pandemic? Here Are 22 Places to Shop for Photo Prints.

Unable to travel for shoots or count on the usual stream of freelance gigs, a lot of Washington photographers have started selling prints to make up for work lost to the pandemic. If you’re looking for a way to brighten up your walls while supporting local artists, check out these photo offerings from 22 DC-area photogs, all available to buy online.

Photo by Laura Metzler

Cactus & Blush 02, 16×20, $75

Laura Metzler: Online Shop


Photo by Samira Sabulis

Strip the Riches, Extinguish the Light, 13×15, $2,169

Samira Sabulis: Online Shop


Photo by Dan Chung

Travel Abstract, 13×20, $85.94

Dan Chung: Online Shop


photo by kirth bobb

16×24, $70

Kirth Bobb: Online Shop 


Photo By Angela B Pan

16×24, $108.99

Angela Pan: Online Shop


Photo by Cameron Davidson

Virginia Beach, 16×24, $225

Cameron Davidson: Online Shop


photo by jada imani m

Lizzo 2, 16×20, $50

Jada Imani M: Online Shop


Multiple Exposure, 16×24, $150 framed

Matailong Du: Online Shop


photo by andrew Yianne

Washington D.C., 16×20, $175

Andrew Yianne: Online Shop


Photograph by Mari Harsan

Forest Wall, 16×24, $140

Mari Harsan: Online Shop


Photo by Greg Kahn

Malecón, 28×19.5, $100 – *All proceeds go to Critical Exposure

Greg Kahn: Online Shop 


photo by Shuran Huang

16×24, $70

Shuran Huang: Online Shop


Photograph by Maya Oren

France, 8×10, $112

Maya Oren: Online Shop


Photo by Julian Thomas

Paris, 16×20, $180

Julian Thomas: Online Shop


Nighttime Cherry Blossoms, 12×18, $400

Joshua Cogan: Online Shop


Photograph by Lauren Louise

Capri Amalfi Coast Italy, 8×10, $60

Lauren Louise: Online Shop


Photograph by Stephen Voss

Chinese Elm, 11×14, $100

Stephen Voss: Online Shop


photo by Hannele lahti

Nature: Orange Beach #1, 12×18, $300

Hannele Lahti: Online Shop


Photo by Jeff Mauritzen

Scarlet Macaw, 16×24, $195

Jeff Mauritzen: Online Shop


Philippines Family, 8×10, $30

Erin Douglas of ErinSha Photo: Online Shop 


by tate tozer

Cannon Beach, 18.25×14.9, $100 framed

Tate Tozer: Online Shop


photo by Stephen Gosling

Acropolis of Athens, 12×18, $250

Stephen Gosling: Online Shop


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