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We Put Together a List of Good Things That Actually Happened on Election Night. You’re Welcome, Internet.

Wiener dogs, dance parties, and lots of cheese made election night slightly better.

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Today, the world is tired. It has been an exceedingly difficult past couple of months for our country, not to mention an exceedingly difficult past couple of years.

In a night that many hoped would provide a sliver of certainty in a very uncertain time, we are left hanging, worrying, despairing. But, as it’s wont to do, Earth still turns, a new day comes, and life’s little joys are still there.

For a moment, let’s reflect and share ours:

“My 16-year-old son hugged me last night before I went out to report. Affection is not a common thing with him these days, so that kept me going through a long, cold night in DC.” -Andrew Beaujon, Washingtonian senior editor

“I stress-chopped a ton of onions and actually made a pretty good onion soup—not Le Diplomate good, but on the road. Then I got all Houlihans-y with it and mixed a bunch of shredded mozz’ and provolone in with the gruyere. This was not a time for a dusting of cheese.” -Ann Limpert, Washingtonian executive food editor and critic

“One bright point in the night: everything-spiced pigs ‘n’ blankets from Whole Foods. I often keep a box or two in the freezer. They’re delicious with spicy honey mustard for dunking (and a strong Manhattan or martini).” -Anna Spiegel, Washingtonian food editor

“Because trick-or-treating looked so different this year, many of our neighbors set out full-sized candy bars [and] boxes. That was a treat to find in my kids Halloween bags and comfort eat at 11 PM. Specifically, there was an entire roll of Rolos, which I haven’t had since I was a kid. They were delicious and took me back.” -Amy Moeller, Washingtonian Weddings editor-in-chief

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