After Covid Changed Their Plans, This Couple Opted for a Photoshoot to Honor Their Original Wedding Date

With their wedding was postponed, Mariya and Brad had a mini photoshoot on their original date.

Photos by Angelika Johns Photography

Mariya and Brad decided to make the most out of their Covid-postponement situation. The couple says they were supposed to get married on July 3rd 2020, but decided to push their wedding back a year to ensure a safe celebration. However, they did not want their original wedding date to just pass by, so instead they planned a special photoshoot at the suggestion of their wedding photography, Angelika Johns, along with a special outing in DC that included wedding-day elements as a “teaser” for their new 2021 wedding date.

To start the day, Mariya says they went to Soulex Float Spa in DC and enjoyed a relaxing couple’s float in one of the spa’s open air basins. “After that, I went to get my hair blown out at Blo Bomb Dry Bar in Dupont Circle,” says Mariya. Following the spa excursion and hair appointment, the couple says they enjoyed custom cookies by Tiny Tudor Cookies, featuring designs of their venue and new date. “Anna Leigh surprised us with the designs and they looked better than anything we could ever imagine,” says Mariya. Along with their sweet treats, Mariya says she used some flowers from their wedding design to make a bouquet.

The couple got dressed up and headed to Georgetown’s waterfront for a special photoshoot followed by dinner at Fiola Mare. The couple says they are planning to wed this summer at Cairnwood Estate in Pennsylvania, but are happy they found a way to still celebrate their original date. Check out their adorable postponement photos below:


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Chatha_Solomon_Angelika Johns Photography_Mariya_Brad_Engagement_Session_Georgetown_Waterfront_Washington_DC_VA_MD_Photographer_Angelika_Johns_Photography-2262_low
Chatha_Solomon_Angelika Johns Photography_Mariya_Brad_Engagement_Session_Georgetown_Waterfront_Washington_DC_VA_MD_Photographer_Angelika_Johns_Photography-2261_low

Chatha_Solomon_Angelika Johns Photography_Mariya_Brad_Engagement_Session_Georgetown_Waterfront_Washington_DC_VA_MD_Photographer_Angelika_Johns_Photography-2080_low
Chatha_Solomon_Angelika Johns Photography_Mariya_Brad_Engagement_Session_Georgetown_Waterfront_Washington_DC_VA_MD_Photographer_Angelika_Johns_Photography-2073_low
Chatha_Solomon_Angelika Johns Photography_Mariya_Brad_Engagement_Session_Georgetown_Waterfront_Washington_DC_VA_MD_Photographer_Angelika_Johns_Photography-2084_low

Chatha_Solomon_Angelika Johns Photography_Mariya_Brad_Engagement_Session_Georgetown_Waterfront_Washington_DC_VA_MD_Photographer_Angelika_Johns_Photography-2101_low
Chatha_Solomon_Angelika Johns Photography_Mariya_Brad_Engagement_Session_Georgetown_Waterfront_Washington_DC_VA_MD_Photographer_Angelika_Johns_Photography-2136_low


Chatha_Solomon_Angelika Johns Photography_Mariya_Brad_Engagement_Session_Georgetown_Waterfront_Washington_DC_VA_MD_Photographer_Angelika_Johns_Photography-2064_low
Chatha_Solomon_Angelika Johns Photography_Mariya_Brad_Engagement_Session_Georgetown_Waterfront_Washington_DC_VA_MD_Photographer_Angelika_Johns_Photography-2042_low


Chatha_Solomon_Angelika Johns Photography_Mariya_Brad_Engagement_Session_Georgetown_Waterfront_Washington_DC_VA_MD_Photographer_Angelika_Johns_Photography-2128_low
Chatha_Solomon_Angelika Johns Photography_Mariya_Brad_Engagement_Session_Georgetown_Waterfront_Washington_DC_VA_MD_Photographer_Angelika_Johns_Photography-2161_low

Chatha_Solomon_Angelika Johns Photography_Mariya_Brad_Engagement_Session_Georgetown_Waterfront_Washington_DC_VA_MD_Photographer_Angelika_Johns_Photography-2207_low
Chatha_Solomon_Angelika Johns Photography_Mariya_Brad_Engagement_Session_Georgetown_Waterfront_Washington_DC_VA_MD_Photographer_Angelika_Johns_Photography-2171_low
Chatha_Solomon_Angelika Johns Photography_Mariya_Brad_Engagement_Session_Georgetown_Waterfront_Washington_DC_VA_MD_Photographer_Angelika_Johns_Photography-2159_low

The Details:

Photography: Angelika Johns Photography | Location: Georgetown Waterfront | Bride’s Attire: Asos  | Cookies: Tiny Tudor Cookies | Florals: Trader Joe’s

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