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September 2021: Remember

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Fire-and-rescue workers unfurl an American flag over the side of the Pentagon on September 12, 2001. Photograph by Paul Morse/Courtesy of George W. Bush Presidential Library.

A brief accounting, 20 years later, of the legacies—some obvious, others not so much—of September 11, 2001. By Britt Peterson and Jane Recker.

A Postcard From Wet Hot Vax Summer

Photograph by Jeff Elkins

Covid anxieties are back. But for a moment at Seacrets, the six-acre, 19-tiki-bar compound in Ocean City, it was almost as if the pandemic never happened. . . . By Mimi Montgomery.

The Everything Newspaper

Illustrations by Arsh Raziuddin.

A look inside the search for the Washington Post’s recently in-stalled new editor—and the future of the hometown paper that has long stopped thinking of itself as such. By Andrew Beaujon.

Best of Washington

More than 125 of the best (and, yes, some of the worst) things in the DC area right now, including our favorite vintage-furniture shops, hair salons, dog-park bars, unsung heroes, and lots more. Edited by Sherri Dalphonse.


Photograph of Capitol Lawn by Lauren Bulbin

Lawn of the Land: The US Capitol’s outdoor make­over. By Daniella Byck.

The Spears Years: A brief history of Britney Spears in DC. By Jane Recker.

Wheeler Dealer: Meet the skateboarding queen of Adams Morgan. By Anna Spiegel.

What’s New in News: Three media startups to know. By Jennifer Albarracin Moya. 

Looky-Loo: What’s the deal with Tony Podesta’s toilet art? By Clara Grudberg. 

Big Picture: Inside the Cor­coran School’s “golden salon.” By Clara Grudberg.


Photograph by Jeff Elkins

Interview: Author Clint Smith on traveling the country to write about America’s ongoing struggle with its past. By Andrew Beaujon. 

Culture: Capturing an undertold chapter in DC’s rich music history. By Rob Brunner.

The Washingtonologist: Our Beltway know-it-all solves your capital-city conundrums. By Washingtonian Staff.


Photograph courtesy of Holly Pan.

What They’re Wearing: Items that our style setters are most excited to sport for fall. By Amy Moeller.

Foodie Road Trip: Delicious rea­sons to spend a weekend in Charlottesville. By Tim Wendel.


Photograph by Studio Trejo.

Trophy Space: Look inside the winners of the 2021 Washing­tonian Residential Design Awards. By Marisa M. Kashino.

Neighborhood Briefing: Georgetown: New restaurants, shopping, and other attractions. By Damare Baker, Daniella Byck, and Maya Pottiger. 

Off the Market: The month’s luxury home sales. By Washingtonian Staff. 


Photograph courtesy of Ashok Bajaj.

Restaurateur Ashok Bajaj on hosting a President. As told to Jessica Sidman.