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This DC Business Helps People Figure Out Where to Put Houseplants

Rewild's consultants evaluate your light and lifestyle to determine which plants will work best.

Rewild’s plant consultants enliven both private homes and corporate spaces with well-placed flora. Photograph by Mariah Lower.
Photograph by Mariah Lower.

There’s a lot to consider when choosing plants for your space—for instance, what directions do your windows face? How does the light move across a particular room throughout the day? Do you have pets that might chomp on leaves? Luckily, we’ve entered the age of the plant consultant. Rewild, which has shops in Shaw and Ballston, is among the businesses that offer both in-person and virtual in-home consultations.

To start, says Rewild co-owner Lily Cox, consultants ask clients to show them around and point out where they want to add greenery. From there, they evaluate the conditions and talk through lifestyle issues—such as pets and travel—and how much time the homeowner can realistically dedicate to plant care. Consultants can also diagnose problems with existing plants. By the end of the sessions, which last up to 40 minutes, clients have a shopping list of plants and a plan for where to place them. Virtual consultations cost $50; in-person sessions are $100. Both options include a 20-percent discount on Rewild purchases. “If you’re thinking about investing in plants,” says Cox, “it’s insurance on your investment.”

This article appears in the December 2021 issue of Washingtonian.

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