Where to Get Thanksgiving Turkeys Around DC

Top spots for raw, brined, and ready-cook birds.

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Let’s talk turkey—where are you getting your centerpiece this year? A variety of farm markets, local butchers, and restaurants are offering raw, brined, and/or read-to-cook birds. Here are a few options beyond the grocery aisle.

Founding Farmers
Multiple locations in DC, MD, VA
What they’re selling: The lengthy Thanksgiving menu includes a brined, spatchcocked (half turkey) that’s sold with black pepper gravy. 
Price: $69
Order by: November 18, pick up November 23

4883 MacArthur Blvd., NW
What they’re selling: Fresh turkeys or “time-saver turkeys” are available at the Palisades seafood market. The latter are pre-brined and seasoned with spices and herbs. 
Price: A fresh 12-pound turkey will be around $110, a 12-pound time-saver turkey will be about $150
Order by: November 19, pick up November 23

974 Palmer Alley NW
What they’re selling: Chef Amy Brandwein’s Italian market is offering 8-10 pound organic raw turkey, which has been brined in apple cider and comes oven-ready with a pan, twine, and cooking instructions. 
Price: $9 per pound
Order by: November 18, pick up November 23 or 24.

1425 28th St., NW
What they’re selling: The Georgetown butcher is offering Amish heirloom bronze turkeys (12-14 pounds). They will cook it for an additional $75. 
Price: $8.49 per pound
Order by: November 18, pick up November 20

The Organic Butcher of McLean
6712 Old Dominion Dr., McLean
What they’re selling: The artisanal butcher shop stocks whole fresh free-range turkeys and Kelly Bronze turkeys, bone-in fresh turkey breasts,  boneless fresh turkey breasts, and more. 
Price: $66 – $114 for whole free-range turkeys; $170 for whole Kelly Bronze turkeys; $55 – $99 for a turkey breast.
Order by: (can’t find last date to order), pick up November 18 – 23 

The Farmstead Butcher
Available for pickup at the Half Street farmers market, Mt. Vernon Triangle market, and more. 
What they’re selling: Pasture-raised, fresh, never frozen, whole turkey. For an additional $20 they will pre-brine the turkey.
Price: $5.79 per pound, and an additional $20 to pre-brine
Order by: November 11, pick up November 17 or 19

Liberty Delight Farms
Available for pickup at Pike & Rose market, Bethesda Central Farm market, and more. 
What they’re selling: Farm-fresh raw turkeys, and you can add on their  Dizzy Pig Mad Max turkey seasoning or turkey brine. 
Price: $5.09 per pound
Order by: November 14, pick up November 17 – 22 

Neighborhood Provisions
Pickup and delivery in DC, MD, and VA
What they’re selling: The catering arm of Neighborhood Restaurant Group and Red Apron Butcher offers raw turkeys, 13 to 15 pounds or 16-18 pounds (among other items on their big holiday menus).
Price: $160; $195
Order by: November 23

Each Peach 
What they’re selling: Fresh pasture-raised turkeys, either standard or ready-to-roast (seasoned with butter, spices, and herbs).
Price: $6.35 per pound, and an additional $25 for the ready-to-roast turkeys 
Order by: They are selling until they run out; pickup November 22 or 23

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