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Love Metro’s Floor Tiles? Find Dupes at These Local Spots.

Metro smell not included.

On Wednesday, former DC Commissioner Walter Deleon tweeted a photograph of a kitchen with floor tiles that look a lot like the Metro tiles.

Maybe you have too many bad memories of delayed service or missing the train to feature the tile in your own home, but if you’re a fan of the look, these DC tile stores offer reddish-brown hexagonal tiles not too far off from the Metro tile.

The Tile Shop
4530 Wisconsin Ave., NW
The Tile Shop offers two tile options that bear a resemblance to Metro’s tile: the Glass Salmon Blend Hex Mosaic tile and the Imperial Sienna Gloss Hex ceramic tile. They both can be used on walls and floors, and while the Imperial Siena might be a bit of a closer match color-wise, neither are far off.

2212 Wisconsin Ave., NW; 1170 Rockville Pike, Suite 1C, Rockville; 203 South Union St., Alexandria
The ceramic store has showrooms in DC, Rockville, and Alexandria. While the hexagon-shaped Field tile in the Cotto shade doesn’t match exactly, its rust tone still gives off Metro vibes.

Best Tile
11601 Boiling Brook Pl., Rockville 
Best Tile features an Etruscan porcelain tile in Toscana, a reddish tile available in hexagonal shapes.

Marble Systems
2737 Dorr Ave., Fairfax
This ceramic tile from Fairfax’s Marble Systems comes in Rollow Leather, a rich brown tile that can be used indoors or outdoors. Or, you know, in your very own Metro reproduction.

Katie Kenny
Editorial Fellow