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April 2023: Real Estate 2023

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Photograph by BTW images.

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Goodbye, RFK Stadium

The last of RFK’s orange seats were removed during a farewell ceremony in December—the stadium’s final event. Photograph by Evy Mages .

After 62 years of big names and big moments, the DC landmark is being torn down. Before it’s gone for good, we celebrate and remember its history and legacy. By Andrew Beaujon, Patrick Hruby, and Luke Mullins.


Reefer Madness

Diana Alvarez, Lit City Smoke Shop. Owning and operating a DC canna-business helped pay for her son’s college education. Photograph by Evy Mages .

Across America, legalized recreational marijuana is on the march. But in DC, federal meddling in local governance has created a challenging and absurd gray market in which the only way to manage or patronize a canna-business is to pretend that you aren’t. By Andrew Beaujon.


Real Estate 2023

Photograph by John Cole.

After a bonkers three years, it looks like DC’s real estate market is finally leveling out. So what now? While some things are back to business as usual, others might be forever changed. By Damare Baker, Michele Lerner, Mimi Montgomery, and Jessica Ruf.


Illustration by Niky Chopra.

Name Games: Who can be called a “Washingtonian”? By Rob Brunner.

From Treats to Tweets?: A DC fro-yo dude could run Twitter. By Jessica Sidman.

Inside the Suit: We tried on the NIMBY bee suit. By Julia Rosenberg.

Saving Journalism: Preserving DC periodicals. By Andrew Beaujon.


Alexandra Petri’s book cover courtesy of W.W. Norton; Games and Rituals book cover courtesy of Penguin Random House; Passing Strange by Christopher Mueller; Danish String Quartet courtesy of Washington Performing Arts; Ella Mai courtesy of Live Nation; Bikini Kill by Tammy Rae Carland; Ismaily, Iyer, and Aftab by Ebru Yildiz; RiverRun illustration by Edwin Fontánez from On This Beautiful Island; Capital Classic by Capital Classic Staff.

Things to Do: Our ten picks for the month in culture. By Briana Thomas.


Patrice Sulton. Photograph by Jeff Elkins

Interview: One of the architects of DC’s controversial criminal-code overhaul explains what they were thinking. By Sylvie McNamara. 

A Date at the NSA: Should you bring your partner on a romantic field trip to the little-known museum of a major spy agency? We gave it a try. By Sylvie McNamara. 


Area businesses are making eco-conscious practices easier, including composting—even if you don’t have a garden. Photograph by Carlye Brooks/Compost Crew.

Three Ways to Be Greener: Plus local agencies and companies that can help. By Amy Moeller.

On the Right Track: Ditch the car and climb aboard a train for a weekend away from DC. By Daniella Byck.

Taxing Matters: Tax-saving advice is all over TikTok. Can you trust it? By Daniella Byck.


Kirby Club’s Rose Previte brings boho-cool vibes to Fairfax. Photograph by Kimberly Kong.

Reviews: Gordon Ramsay’s dining room at the Wharf and Kirby Club, a sibling for Maydan in Virginia. By Ann Limpert.

Bloom Times: It’s all flowers—and selfie backdrops—at restaurants these days. By Jessica Sidman.

Cookies Are Forever: A TikTok star’s rendition of tombstone recipes. By Anna Spiegel.

New and Noteworthy: Ten bar and restaurant debuts we’re excited about, ranked. By Anna Spiegel.


Spend a day in Logan Circle and Shaw, home to historic buildings like this one, the former Cadillac Hotel. Photograph by Meghan Hoffman/@DistrictByMeg.

Neighborhood Briefing: What’s new in Shaw and Logan Circle. By Damare Baker.

Housing Browsing: Some people are scratching the homebuying itch by scrolling Zillow and playing home-design games. By Jessica Goldstein.

Top Mortgage Professionals: Working with the right loan officer can be key. By Mimi Montgomery.

Off the Market: The month’s luxury home sales. By Washingtonian Staff.

Hillary Howard. Photograph courtesy of It’s Academic/Facebook.

Hillary Howard, host of It’s Academic, on asking smart teens tough questions. By Amy Moeller.