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Get the Look: Jenna Bush Hager’s Wedding Gown

Thanks to Naeem Khan, now you too can look like the former first daughter on your big day.

By Valeria Boucas Belize by Naeem Khan ivory V-neck trumpet gown with bias-cut raw chiffon hand embroidery, $16,500. Photographs courtesy of Saks Jandel.

The George W. Bush Presidential Center in Dallas is currently hosting a retrospective on storied designer Oscar de la Renta, and among the 60-plus pieces on view is the wedding gown Jenna Bush Hager wore for her 2008 nuptials to Henry Chase Hager. Other highlights include former first lady Laura Bush’s second inauguration-day and evening ensembles, as well as several items worn by her daughters, Barbara and Jenna, throughout their father’s presidency. 

Love the custom V-neck gown de la Renta created for Jenna? Here’s how you can get the look. Starting October 31, Saks Jandel in Chevy Chase will host a trunk show, which will include a Naeem Khan trumpet gown that closely resembles Hager’s. See below for more details. 


The Bridal Salon at Saks Jandel
5510 Wisconsin Avenue, Chevy Chase


Friday, October 31, through Saturday, November 1.

Jenna Bush Hager’s wedding gown, designed by Oscar de la Renta for her May 10, 2008, nuptials to Henry Chase Hager, is currently on view at the George W. Bush Presidential Center in Dallas. Photograph courtesy of Oscar de la Renta.

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Save the Date

Get Ready for Unveiled 2012!

Our big bridal event is just over a month away—so buy your tickets today!

By Kim Forrest
Reem Acra's new collection featured romantic and whimsical gowns like this one—see them all (and meet the designer) at Unveiled! Photograph courtesy of Reem Acra

If you got a little something extra with your turkey over Thanksgiving weekend (we’re talking about an engagement ring, not a third helping of sweet potatoes), congrats! We totally understand that you probably want to just enjoy being engaged for a while and not start your wedding planning until after the holidays—so that’s why we’ve scheduled our Washingtonian Bride & Groom Unveiled wedding showcase for January 22, 2012, from 11:30 AM to 3:30 PM. And we really hope you’ll be there.

We’re so excited about this year’s event. First of all, it’s being held at the Mandarin Oriental in DC, a great wedding venue in its own right. You’ll be able to meet with the area’s best wedding florists, caterers, planners, makeup artists, hair stylists, photographers, and other super-talented vendors (we'll have a full list for you soon!)—it’s truly a one-stop shop for wedding planning (check out these videos from last year’s showcase to see what we’re talking about).

You can catch a runway show featuring the latest gowns from Reem Acra (yup, the Reem Acra who has created wedding gowns for the likes of LeAnn Rimes, Marcia Cross, and Jennie Garth)—and the designer herself will be making an appearance.

And (bonus!), there will also be Champagne, cocktails, cake tastings, and giveaways.

Sounds pretty amazing, right? Here’s where it gets even better: The first 75 people to buy tickets will be entered to win an invitation for two to the exclusive Rehearsal Dinner party. So click here to buy your tickets, and we’ll see you at Unveiled!

Invitations and Stationery

Local Etsy Seller: Eden Wedding Studio

We’re profiling our favorite local crafters who are selling wedding-related wares on Etsy. This week’s pick: an Olney invitation designer who creates a wide variety of wedding stationery.

By Kim Forrest

Graphic designer Eden E. Denevan started creating wedding stationery for her own nuptials in May 2008. After she was laid off in 2009, she started her own corporate design firm and created her own Etsy shop, Eden Wedding Studio, to sell some wedding invitations on the side.

“My invitations really took off and while I still do some corporate graphic design, most of my business is now wedding-related,” Denevan says.

Her Etsy shop features a variety of wedding-related paper goods from invitations to bridal shower recipe cards to “guestbook alternative cards” (guests write well-wishes on the cards for the couple to view on their first anniversary).

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Save the Date

Save the Date: Miriam and Aaron

A picture’s worth a thousand words.

By Lynne Shallcross
Aaron Cohen met Miriam Schneider on a blind date at a New York City restaurant in the spring of 2006. Earlier that day, Aaron’s grandmother had passed away, but he chose to keep the date. “She had been sick for a long time, and my family knew it was coming,” says Aaron, 30, a television sports writer and producer. “But we had the dinner scheduled, and the last thing—literally—my grandmother had said to me was to go find a nice Jewish girl and get married. So I figured it wouldn’t be right to cancel.”

His grandmother might have had a premonition, because less than three years of dating later, Aaron was ready to pop the question to Miriam, 30, an attorney. “We had been talking about marriage, so I needed to find a way to catch her off guard,” he says. So he told her that a last-minute work event had come up—a cocktail party—and she should come. Keep Reading ...

Save the Date

Save the Date: Jodie and Rafal

Love blooms on the Mall.

By Lynne Shallcross
Jodie Song and Rafal Tokicz’s love story began on a kickball field near the Washington Monument. In October 2006, they found themselves placed on the same team but didn’t get to know one another until Jodie accidentally left her T-shirt behind after one of the games.

As the team was walking to a bar for some after-game drinks, Jodie, 28, an IT analyst, realized she’d forgotten her shirt but decided she was too far away to go back for it. Just then, she saw her teammate Rafal holding an extra white shirt. “I figured it was someone’s from our team,” says Rafal, 28, a private trainer, “and because a few of us were going to the bar, I was going to ask the teammates there if it belonged to any of them.”

So Jodie approached Rafal to tell him it was probably hers. “After the initial conversation about the shirt,” she says, “I asked him if he was headed to the bar because I hadn’t seen him there after our games.” Rafal said he was going, and the two headed on to the bar with the rest of the team. Keep Reading ...

Save the Date

Save the Date: Julie and Jeffrey

The love boat.

By Lynne Shallcross
Julie Wean and Jeffrey Partridge love to travel. The book 1,000 Places to See Before You Die is a favorite at their Mount Airy home—one by one, they’re checking locations off the list.

In January 2008, they were on a cruise to the Caribbean, a yearly tradition with friends. After they’d been dating for almost two years, the thought crossed Julie’s mind that Jeffrey, better known to his friends as Opie, might propose. Despite a 13-year age difference, the pair, who met when Julie’s sister married Opie’s best friend, had hit it off right from the start.

But after formal night on the ship came and went with no proposal, Julie, 24, a contract specialist with the Naval Medical Logistics Command, assumed she was wrong. So when they were docked a few days later in St. Lucia, she was suspecting nothing. Julie and Opie, 37, a Maryland state trooper, spent the morning ziplining through the rain forest with their friends. Later on in the day, the group decided to hike up the side of a mountain to a scenic overlook where the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea collide. Keep Reading ...

Save the Date

Save the Date: Tiffany and Mike

In law and in love.

By Lynne Shallcross

Tiffany Richards arrived at the library at Penn State’s Dickinson School of Law at 4 AM on her first day of class. In order to reserve a study carrel for the semester, students had to be there at 6 AM to put their names on the list. Tiffany had picked out her spot the night before, and when she arrived at her carrel, Mike Kudravetz was sitting at the one next door.

“He kept looking over at me, and finally I introduced myself,” says Tiffany, 28. “He had a girlfriend, and I wasn’t looking for anyone, but I didn’t have any friends, so it was nice to meet someone.” Tiffany left some Jolly Ranchers on her desk and a Post-It note for Mike telling him to help himself to the candy. He left a note back: “Good call on the Jolly Ranchers.”

Tiffany and Mike, 29, said hi to each other as they passed on campus over the next two years. The summer between their second and third years of law school, Mike bumped into Tiffany as she was moving things into storage and offered to help. After the semester began again, Tiffany and Mike started seeing each other almost everywhere. “I’d be walking to the YMCA to teach swim lessons and he’d be on a random street,” Tiffany says. “I’d go down a stairwell that nobody ever used, and he’d be there. He was literally everywhere!” Tiffany felt a connection between them, but Mike hadn’t made a move. “As I was getting up the nerve to ask her out, she e-mailed me to ask if I would like to go out sometime,” Mike says. “I called her and made the date.”

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Save the Date

Save the Date: Katie and Chris

A mountaintop proposal.

By Lynne Shallcross
When Katie Carr and Chris Payne arrived at a mutual friend’s house to watch a football game on a September day in 2006, he knew they were being set up. She didn’t. “Hence the lack of makeup and shower,” says Katie, 28, a public-relations consultant. “I thought Chris was cute, and I was especially drawn to his blue eyes and witty banter. But I had no idea he was single and didn’t know he was interested in me until he invited himself out to dinner with my friends and me.”

Well Chris was interested, and he was completely hooked after Katie gave the waiter her dinner order: red meat. “Not a vegetarian—awesome!” thought Chris, 29, a graphic designer. “Is that steak she ordered medium-rare? Wow.” He didn’t ask for her number that night, but he did successfully stalk her on the Internet, Katie says, finding her e-mail address and contacting her the next day.

Fast-forward two years of dating bliss, and Chris wanted to make sure this one didn’t slip away: “I spent a lot of money on a handmade ring, slept with it under my pillow the night I got it, and bit my nails the entire next morning. I couldn’t wait to get the proposal over with and start celebrating.” Keep Reading ...

Save the Date

Save the Date: Julie and Aaron

A tale of two Terps.

By Lynne Shallcross
Julie Gorinson met Aaron Brand in 2002 at a DC bar where her sorority and his fraternity were hosting a party together. A mutual friend introduced them, and by the end of the night, Aaron, then a senior at the University of Maryland, asked Julie, a sophomore, for her number. “I wowed her with my dance moves and pickup lines, and that was the beginning of it,” says Aaron, 27, a law student at American University.

Aaron called Julie a few days later, and they went on their first date to a bar in College Park. “We spent a good chunk of the night playing Pacman,” he says. “I let her beat me, hoping that would make her more friendly toward me. It worked.”

The two dated through the year, and after Aaron graduated, he headed to Philadelphia for a year to work on a political campaign and she went to study abroad in Madrid. “We did the long-distance thing for a while before Aaron was offered a job on the Hill working as a legislative aide, and he came back to DC—to his true love, me, and politics,” says Julie, 25, a third-grade teacher in Potomac. Keep Reading ...

Save the Date

Save the Date: La Tosha and Aleksandr

Love is in the air.

By Lynne Shallcross

After catching an early-morning Southwest Airlines flight to Tampa, all La Tosha Lewis wanted to do was catch some shut eye. But as she tried to drift back to sleep, her boyfriend, Aleksandr Plavnik, wouldn’t let her. “He kept bothering me and waking me up,” says La Tosha, 34. So she told Aleksandr, 32, that if he was going to keep her up, he needed to entertain her.

Little did La Tosha know she was in for the show of her life.

While she had dozed off at the beginning of the flight, Aleksandr sneaked out of his seat to tell the flight attendants about the in-flight proposal plan he had hatched. La Tosha, an education lobbyist, and Aleksandr, an architect, were headed to Tampa, her hometown, for a friend’s wedding. “I was looking all over the Internet for different places and ways to propose,” he says. “Then my mom suggested that I do it at the very beginning of the trip on the plane, and as a bonus, those over-seat lights will make this ring sparkle very nicely. I knew it would set the tone for the whole vacation.” 

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