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Engagement Session

Engagement Session: Christine and Kevin

The bride-to-be won her fiancé’s heart with a karaoke rendition of Gloria Gaynor’s “I Will Survive.”

By Irina Grechko Christine and Kevin will be married on September 20, 2014. All photographs by Emily Clack Photography.

When Christine Alhambra met Kevin Marrie, her first impression was that he was a “tall drink of water.” The two met in 2011 when Christine was referred to Kevin, a fitness manager and personal trainer, at her gym. The two only trained together a few times, but they found themselves on an unofficial first date when mutual friends invited them for drinks in Annapolis, where a karaoke night was taking place. “I signed up with a friend to sing ‘I Will Survive’ by Gloria Gaynor, and she ditched me,” says Christine, a writer and editor. “So I stood up there and sang alone on our first date. It was so embarrassing!” Kevin, on the contrary, found it endearing, and the two have been inseparable ever since.

With the wedding set to take place on September 20, 2014, on the water at the Aspen Wye River Marriott in Queenstown, Maryland, Christine and Kevin opted for a nature-focused engagement session that reflects the feel of the upcoming nuptials. “We are water people but also love the mountains, so this captured that side of us,” says the soon-to-be bride of the shoot at Comus Inn in Dickerson, Maryland, captured by Emily Clack Photography.

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Wedding Announcement

Wedding Announcement: Jessica and Tommy

These high school classmates, who reconnected after college, are set to tie the knot on Saturday.

By Irina Grechko Photography by Gloria Estrada Photography.

Jessica Strassner and Tommy Goodwin are to be married Saturday evening at Potomac Point Winery in Stafford, Virginia. Dominique Peridans will officiate the ceremony, and a reception will follow at the same location. Jessica, 34, is a teacher and author. She graduated from University of Tampa in 2011 and is the daughter of Ruth Drozinski, an asset protection manager, and John Drozinski, a retired firefighter. Tommy, 34, is a senior adviser at AARP, and a graduate of George Washington University (’01) and Auburn University (’03). He is the son of Susan and David Kissack, both retired.

The two first met as sophomores while attending Atlantic High School in Port Orange, Florida. “I always thought he was cute and funny, and kind of had a crush on him but never saw the two of us ending up together,” says Jessica. They attempted a long-distance relationship when both went off to college, but with Jessica in Tampa and Tommy in Washington, it simply didn’t work. However, the feelings were still there when the couple reconnected in 2011 via Facebook, and in June 2012, they went on their first “official date,” to a restaurant in Florida. “When I saw her years later, I thought she looked amazing,” says Tommy.

Since Jessica moved to Washington last October, Tommy “has had a lot of fun rediscovering DC,” taking her out to sports games, ballet, the symphony, concerts, and wineries. The couple has instituted a “no-repeat rule” when eating out around town at various restaurants, another one of their favorite pastimes, making exceptions only for brunch at Matchbox and hot chocolate at Co Co. Sala. When they aren’t out and about the city, Jessica and Tommy have been crossing things off their wedding to-do lists and counting down the days to the ceremony.

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Wedding Announcement

Wedding Announcement: Jenée and Gerald

This do-gooder couple, who met at a community service event, are set to tie the knot in an elegant urban ceremony.

By Irina Grechko Jenée and Gerald are set to wed on August 3, 2013. Photograph by Davide DePas.

Love for community work brought Jenée Lollise Moore and Gerald Siafa Padmore, who are set to wed this Saturday at the Dunbarton Chapel at Howard University, with a reception that will follow at the Andrew W. Mellon Auditorium.

Jenée, 29, is currently a student at Howard University. She graduated from East Carolina University in 2006 and is the daughter of Brenda and Mark Moore, a retired nurse and retired CFO, respectively. Gerald, 40, is an entrepreneur who graduated from Radford University in 1997. He is the son of Trypetus Cooper Padmore, founder of Hinds Feet Ministries, and Gerald Padmore, an attorney.

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Wedding Announcement

Wedding Announcement: Sunlen and Alexis

This quintessentially DC couple, set to wed on Saturday, met at a campaign event.

By Irina Grechko
Photograph by Ken Pak.

Sunlen Mari Miller, 32, and Alexis Leigh Serfaty, 33, are to be married this Saturday at the Rose Park in Georgetown, where the couple first met, followed by a ceremony at the historic Anderson House. The couple met in 2006 in a very DC manner: during a campaign event for the DC City Council in Rose Park. The groom was there to support his best friend, a candidate, and the bride was there with her best friend, a dedicated supporter. “Who is that tall, handsome man?” Sunlen recalls thinking about Alexis, who was just as struck by Sunlen and promptly asked her out.

While on their first date at Firefly restaurant in Dupont Circle, Sunlen was surprised by how easy it was to talk to Alexis. “It was a flirty, sarcastic banter that challenged me. The challenge was intriguing and drew me in,” she says. The groom was smitten by Sunlen’s “beautiful curly hair” and charming competitiveness. As fate would have it, soon afterward, Sunlen was assigned to cover then-Senator Obama’s presidential campaign, a position that would keep her on the road for two years. Despite losing touch, the couple never forgot about their initial date, and following the end of campaign in 2008, Sunlen e-mailed Alexis for a “second first-date drink” at the Tabard Inn. They have since been inseparable.

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Wedding Announcement

Wedding Announcement: Sarah and Sam

A media couple is set to tie the knot in a waterside celebration.

By Irina Grechko Photograph by Amy Raab Photography.

Sarah Raybin Portlock and Samuel Louis Fellman are to be married Sunday afternoon at Miller Chapel at the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis. Rabbi Joshua Sherwin will officiate the ceremony, with a reception to follow at the William Paca House and Garden.

Sarah, 27, is a reporter at the Wall Street Journal and Dow Jones Newswires. She graduated from New York University in 2007. She is the daughter of Nancy Raybin and William Portlock. Her mother is a fundraising and management consultant at Marts and Lundy, and her father is senior educator at Chesapeake Bay Foundation. Sam, 33, is a senior staff reporter at the Navy Times. He graduated from the United States Naval Academy in 2002. He is the son of Deborah Awde and David Fellman. His father is retired; he formerly ran the UnPainted Place, a Minneapolis furniture manufacturer and retail store, for 42 years.

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