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Design Scout: Wall Decals

We’re all for wallpaper, but who’s got the money to cover every surface? These stick-on alternatives do the same job for a fraction of the cost and time.

Personalized Growth Chart
New baby on the way? This adorable—and removable—growth chart is the perfect addition to any nursery. Fully customizeable in both color and name, the six-foot graphic comes equipped with a white vinyl strip for recording dates and heights.
$89.99 at
Samantha Hahn Vintage Frames
Remember Brooklyn-based illustrator Samantha Hahn from our debut column? We’re delighted to bring her design aesthetic back with these quirky vintage-frame stickers. The collection—available in hot pink, chocolate brown, and a multi-color set—comes with 13 frame silhouettes, all featuring items you might find in a chic Parisian boutique.
$60 at
Aspens 1 Trunk Decals
These black-and-white branches straddle the line between rustic and graphic. If you spend your days longing for trees and other outdoorsy things, these decals—which stretch up to eight feet—make a great forest replacement.
$165 at
Hu2 Design
This British company (don’t worry, it ships worldwide) dubs itself “the smart vinyl laboratory,” bringing a functional, understated sense of humor to its design. Faced with so many stand-out, why-didn’t-I-think-of-that options to select from, it was impossible to pick a singular favorite. We love the 2010 Party Pack, Mickey House, Wall of China, and Self Portrait equally.
$23 to $68 at
Cow Head Chalkboard Sticker
With the great state of Texas calling our names, this Longhorn chalkboard decal is mighty difficult to resist. It’s going right on the pantry door, where we’ll scribble grocery lists and dinner reminders for years to come.
$28 at
Blowing in the Wind
This simple sticker reminds us of open fields and lazy summer days. With 32 color options and extra dandelion seeds available for order, the size, scope, and hue of the wind-blown stream is completely up to you.
$60 at

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  • Vinyl Wall Art Decal

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  • Next to consider is the colour of your wall. Since wall decals will serve as an highlight then opting for a colour that will be in contrast to it would be more suitable. Selecting a decal that is of the same colour as your wall will generate it less noticeable.

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  • Really brilliant stuff you did. Thanks to share such wonderful post.

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