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The Washingtonian Holiday Gift Guide 2012

From what to pick to where to shop, here’s everything we know about present buying. Check back often—this page will be updated frequently.

Clarendon Coworker

Silver Spring Scholar

Tysons Techie

Logan Circle Label Lover

Friendship Heights Fitness Buff

Herndon Homebody

Georgetown Hostess

Your Foodie Boss

Your New(ish) Boyfriend

Your Secret Santa

Your Foodie Significant Other

The Serious Fitness Tracker

Fashion Finds Under $50

Washington Books We Love

Foodie Party Gifts

At-Home Exercise Equipment

The Best of Etsy

Home Bar Tools

Fitness Clothes Under $50

Makeup & Beauty Sets

9 Really Good Gift Websites

Good Gift Websites for Guys

Shopping Deals for Our Readers

Websites that Help with Holiday Shopping

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Exclusive Holiday Gift Deals for Washingtonian Readers

  • Anonymous

    It would have been nice if you had included some small local business recommendations as opposed to all websites.

  • Offended

    I do agree with Bob on the alliteration theme and plus, calling someone a Herndon Homebody seems a little rude. Why not Georgetown Homebody and Herndon Hostess? Or is that too much of a stretch of imagination to think that people who live in Herndon don't entertain? I know the intent of the alliterations weren't to offend but offend it does.

  • MM

    Oh, Bob, such sass! I LOVE IT. I can't believe a man with such a narrow urethra took time from his day -- otherwise filled with online shopping for jackets for his Pomeranian -- crafting what he *didn't* consider a microcosm of his lonely existence.

    I was hoping to use one of your lines against you, but they're all lame. "Or are you forever determined to make this area just another part of history to be forgotten?" WHAT. Did you mistake this fashion blog for a news piece about the Gaza Strip? Also, you need a comma before "Miss Zlotnick," you need a colon after "be real," your "As always [...]" sentence doesn't make sense temporally, and "rejuvenating refreshment" is redundant and sounds like it came from a tampon commercial. So go get yours and plug it in.


  • TurboBandit

    i actually think those leopard print gloves are pretty phat

  • Amy

    Bob's gross.

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