Friday Link List: Mom Jeans, Side-Butt, Coveteuring Dita

A guide to this week’s not-to-miss fashion news.

By: Michelle Thomas

Three minutes and 12 seconds of dizzying patterns and blinding color, courtesy of this early-’90s-style supercut. Watch in wonder. [Jezebel]

Literal mom jeans, now up for grabs at Topshop. Supposedly some people like them. We’re not on board (yet). [Fashionista]

Is side-butt the new sideboob? Apparently sheer paneling along the side of the hip is a thing now. The Cut explores. [The Cut]

A peek at the predictably super-glam wardrobe of the ever-flawless Dita Von Teese. [The Coveteur]

Jimmy Choo gets a new creative director in Choo’s niece Sandra Choi. Included in her vision of the revamped brand: Choo sneakers. [Racked]

Ever curious which stars brave the red carpet without the behind-the-scenes help of a stylist? Us, too. Check out this gallery of the celebs who dare to go it alone. [StyleList]

Those obsessed with J.Crew’s Jenna Lyons (everyone?), right this way for an in-depth look at how’s she’s completely transformed the brand. [Fast Company]