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Sidewalk Style: Is that Taylor Momsen?

The sequin stilettos and platinum-blond locks had us guessing.

Who: Victoria F Gaitán, 39

Where: Conner Contemporary Art Gallery at the opening of the Zoe Charlton and Mia Feuer exhibits.

Why are you here today?
“I love Conner Contemporary, and I love Mia Feuer. I was eager to see what she’d do. I know her from around the traps.”

What kind of photography do you do?
“Romantic, f—-ed up, figurative stuff. I’m a fine-arts photographer.” [Editor’s note: Gaitán’s most recent exhibition, a series of still lifes that visualize human subjects as meat puppets, was titled “Sweat Meat Cherry Whip Flip.” Images can be found on Gaitán’s Web site.]

Does your style of photography influence the way you dress?
“I never thought of that, but it must because I just shoot what I like. I look ridiculous, so I think my pictures are kind of ridiculous.”

Describe your sense of style:
“Homeless drag queen.”

Awesome. So what exactly goes into a “homeless drag queen” outfit?
“A Target jacket, Target jeans, eBay necklaces, and a belt from a thrift store. The shoes are from an online store. I got the bag at a one-pound store in London. My rings are also from London.”

Know of any good places to shop around here?
“I wish! I recently went to the Unique Thrift Store off Gallows Road in Falls Church—they have some really good stuff there.”

Brooke Says: The Mia Feuer sculpture show was a feast for the eyes, both in the art and in the artsy and outrageously dressed people there.  Victoria caught my eye because she was working an all-black goth/punk look in a sea of hipsters. Her fabulous fuchsia glitter pumps obviously sealed the deal. 

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