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Sidewalk Style: Mikael Strommer

Leave it to us to stop a stylish someone who not only doesn’t reside in Washington but who doesn’t even live in the country. Swedish import Mikael Strommer is at the end of a fourth-month expedition, having traveled through the Philippines, Thailand, Burm

Photographs by Rachel Cothran.
Mikael Strommer, 23

What he’s wearing: Cheap Monday pants he had shortened into long shorts, shirt and sunglasses from Topshop, consignment-store tie, Esprit belt, Urban Outfitters bag, Converse shoes purchased in Beijing for $10, beaded bracelet from an antique market in Beijing.

What country has the best shopping? “Beijing is the best place for shopping in the world—hands down. You can find anything and everything you want, at any price.”

What style differences have you noticed in your travels? “New York was very diverse in terms of dress, and I think it’s more fun that way.Here it seems more homogeneous. People are more friendly here, though! And I like that the buildings aren’t so tall. In Sweden, fashion is very different. In Europe it’s different in general than here. We wear things that are tight. I like clothes that are tight—I would never wear anything from the Gap.”
Rachel says: I noticed Mikael’s shoes first—I love that sunny yellow color. What I like about his outfit generally is how he’s taken dressed-up elements—a button-down shirt and tie—and paired them with casual pieces, so the overall look is put-together without being too serious.

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