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Nail the slouchy trend without looking like a slouch. By Michelle Thomas
Three looks that nail the pajama pant trend: Altuzarra pants, $3,860 at Net-a-Porter; 3.1 Phillip Lim trousers, $450 at Shopbop; and Etro wide-leg pants, $1,010 at Net-a-Porter.

Q: I love the pajama pant trend, but I’m not sure how to incorporate it into my wardrobe. Help! —A

We’re totally on board with any trend as ridiculously comfortable as pajama pants. Is there anything better than wearing PJs to work and still looking fabulously stylish? (We can’t think of anything.) This style—printed, with an elastic waistband and an easy fit—started popping up in stores last year, and now it’s a full-fledged trend. Typically done in silk or silky synthetics, these pants are breezy, lightweight perfection for Washington’s hot, sticky summers. Here’s how to wear them without looking like you’ve just stumbled out of bed.

Choose your silhouette accordingly: This style has two interpretations—some are wide-legged and flowy palazzo shapes, and some are a bit more tapered. We think the slimmer version is slightly more sophisticated, so it’s most likely the best choice for the office. The wider take? A little more laid-back and casual.

Pick a higher-waist version for maximum leg-lengthening: Bonus points for a tucked-in or waist-cinching top, which also elongates your silhouette.

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Updating your makeup tool bag? Read this first. By Michelle Thomas

Q: Can you recommend a good set of makeup brushes? —K

Real talk? We’re not in love with brush sets. It seems like they’re always made up of the two brushes you’ll really use—and five brushes you won’t. Maybe this is our paranoid side speaking, but who’s to say it’s not just the manufacturer’s attempt to get rid of their worst-selling varieties by packaging them in a pretty bundle? If you ask us, you should curate your own set based on the makeup you actually use. Read on for our top brush picks.

Foundation applicator: Devoted to your BB Cream or liquid foundation? Then it’s worth investing in the teardrop-shaped (and neon pink!) Beauty Blender sponge ($19.95) for a finish that’s much smoother and airbrush-y than what you get the old-fashioned way—meaning with your fingers. Try using it damp for a truly flawless look. If you prefer mineral powder formulas, head right for the experts—that would be BareMinerals, obv—for a densely bristled brush with a nearly flat head, like the brand’s precision face brush ($28). You can also use this type of brush for stippling liquid foundation for fuller coverage.

Concealer brush: A flat, tapered brush constructed from smooth, synthetic bristles is the best way to perfectly, seamlessly blend cream concealers. We can’t live without Benefit’s version ($22).

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We advise a petite reader on how to pull off a long skirt. By Michelle Thomas
Maxi skirt styling perfection: Alice + Olivia Shannon pleated maxi, $396, Asos color-block skirt, $49.88, and Alice + Olivia Kaila Godet skirt, $220.80.

Q: I’m seeing a lot of maxi skirts this year. What’s the best way to wear them when you’re not super tall and you don’t have a perfectly slim figure? —L.

We promise, the maxi does not discriminate against the less-Gisele-like among us (which is, um, pretty much everyone). In fact, we’re of the opinion that a floor-length skirt actually makes you look taller—provided it’s done correctly. Follow these tips to ensure your maxi gives you legs for days:

Wear heels. We know: You’re not going to see them, so why bother when flats are so comfy? This is one of those moments when heels are pretty much non-negotiable. You simply need them create the longest leg line possible. But they don’t have to be four-plus inches (though the higher, the better). Try a platform wedge to snag some extra height without sacrificing too much comfort.

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Our reader wonders how to look polished while pregnant. By Michelle Thomas
Some of the stylish options from local maternity line More of Me: Sadie shorts, $55; Betty dress, $99; sequin party dress, $110; and Betty top, $99.

Q: I’m seven months pregnant. Where can I find stylish maternity clothes? —M.

Kim Kardashian, is that you? Kidding! Congrats to you—and excellent timing, because with the current pregnancies of tabloid magnets Kim and Kate, maternity style has suddenly taken a major leap to the fashion forefront.

While it’s tempting to simply buy a few serviceable empire-waist cotton dresses and blame your lack of fashion on the baby, pregnancy doesn’t have to mean nine months of style starvation—there’s a whole world of options that go far beyond shapeless tunics and blah wrap dresses. Read on for our top five sources for achieving pregnancy perfection:

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Our style advice column kicks off with a question about the latest lacquer hues. By Michelle Thomas

Q: I’m about to head out on a spring vacation to Spain, and I want to get a pedi first. What are the trendy nail polish colors for spring? —J.

Lucky you!

This season’s infatuation with all things pastel extends to nails, and we’re particularly loving the slightly brighter versions, which rework the soft hues into cheerful polish palettes inspired by sweet treats like cotton candy, sherbet, and pretty pastries (to which we say: YUM.). Our favorite interpretations? The tooth-achingly sweet shades of Estée Lauder’s and Butter’s spring collections, shown above and appropriately dubbed Paris Macarons and Sweetie Shop, respectively. Dip a toe—both literally and figuratively—into the mint trend with the soft green hues, or try the lilac lacquers, which feel like a cheerier extension of the winter’s ever-chic dark plums. (We’re also partial to the cool, tropical blue hues.)

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Introducing our new advice column, Style Q. By Michelle Thomas
Image courtesy of Shutterstock.

Calling all inquisitive, style-loving Washingtonians: Wondering what to pair with your new pair of laid-back boyfriend jeans? Clueless about what you should be wearing to a summery black-tie wedding? Or perhaps you’re curious about picking a fab spring fragrance. Regardless of your fashion inquiry, we’re here to help! Introducing Style Q, our new advice series, at your service to offer up outfit suggestions, divulge our best styling tricks, and scour the Web for just about anything. Got a burning style question? Ask us! Send us an email, or tweet us your Q—and then watch for your questions to be answered each Wednesday.

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