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Style Setters 2010: In Depth With Shom Chowdhury

The Washington bad boy talks dressing like a vampire and why he’s king of the DC style scene.

Photograph by Chris Leaman.

Our September issue follows 19 of Washington’s most fashionable ladies and gents through a cool night out at the W Hotel. While the clothes do most of the talking in print, the Style Setters themselves get the last word online.

Who: Shom Chowdhury, management consultant at Navigant Consulting

Describe your style in ten words or less: “Here’s two: svelte and utilitarian.”

Favorite Places to shop in Washington: “Diesel (3303 M St., NW; 202-747-7855)—love the jeans as well as the staff and the new Georgetown space. You can’t beat the fit at Hugh & Crye shirtmakers, and me and my Ducati motorcycle are in the spring/fall catalog. Adidas (1251 Wisconsin Ave.; 202-625-8501) always has a fun vibe. And have you seen the new baby-blue Gazelles?”

Fall gear you’re most excited for: “The Burberry military trench coat—it’s long, black, and slim, so I feel like a vampire. Also, any of my tattoos by Tim Corun and his crew at Jinx Proof Tattoos in Georgetown. Aren’t the best fashion accessories the ones you can’t take off?”

Signature look: “That’s simple. Dark Diesel jeans—Zatiny cut, with semi-flared legs and tight everywhere else. White deep-V-neck American Apparel T-shirt spray-painted on so people think it’s my girlfriend’s. Prada brown leather belt with silver buckle. Brown Gucci loafers, no labels. It’s my uniform.”

Style icons: “Marilyn Manson. Although he couldn’t care less, he forces people to understand. That’s power through style. And I dig that. Paul Banks [lead singer of Interpol]—nothing looks or sounds better than British Invasion. And [Microstrategy COO] Sanju K. Bansal—that cat defines utilitarianism. And I’d have to say myself. Not because I’m a narcissist but because I love what I choose to wear for myself. I’ve never felt that way about anyone else’s vision or opinion.”

Best-dressed Washington neighborhood: “Although I live in and gots mad love for Georgetown, I’d have to say the K Street corridor on a school night. That’s when the freaks come out in their favorite costumes.”

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