Sidewalk Style: Liz Gorman

Sidewalk Style is an After Hours feature where we photograph stylish people on the street and ask them about their fashion tips and ideas. This week we caught up with Liz Gorman at a vintage shopping event. Sidewalk Style is written by Rachel Cothran of t

Liz Gorman, 21, freelance photographer, contributor to, and blogger at We caught up with Liz at Listopad’s vintage shopping event at Marvin in DC’s U Street neighborhood.

What are you wearing? “A shirt from Urban Outfitters, jeans from Mustard Seed in Bethesda, a belt from Mercedes Bien, and a scarf and shoes from a thrift store in Laurel. The bag is Coach and also a thrift find.”

So what are you buying today? “This is a perfect summer bag. It’s light but big enough for all of my stuff! It’s $15.”

Where do you like to shop in DC? “Mercedes Bien is absolutely my favorite store in DC. Besides being one of the nicest people ever, the owner has a really well-edited vintage selection. I’m also a big fan of the independent shops in Adams Morgan and the U Street area: Redeem, Meeps, Nana, Pop, and Muléh when I feel like spending a lot of money. I try to make my way to Georgetown every once in a while to go to Annie Creamcheese and Secondhand Rose.”

How would you describe your style? “A mix of vintage and new, highs and lows.”

What’s something you’d never wear? “Leggings. Unless you’re on your way to or from Jazzercise, you should not be wearing them. I blame it on American Apparel and Lindsay Lohan.”

Favorite thing in your closet? “Probably the jeans I’m wearing in the picture. Never underestimate a good pair of jeans.”

Rachel says: Like me, Liz loves the thrill of the hunt and shops at some of my favorite haunts. I love her little belt and the pop of color the scarf adds.

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